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1. How did the idea to dissolve and form Elfire Scum Sentinel? What can you offer in Scum Sentinel that was not present in Elfire? What are the differences between Scum Sentinel and your other projects?
        The only thing that changed in the band is the name. Same band members and songs. I think Scum Sentinel is a far better name than Elfire, it represents what the band is really about.

    Ekinox: Elfire was hellfire with a volontary error in it.

2. How was the writing process of this Scumshot? What differences in appearance are musical about Sentinel of Scum?
        The writing process did not change, we write songs by ourselves, then record a demo version at Ekinox's "working class" studio. We then pratice the song as a band to get the feel of it, improve
        the flow and add details. Scumshot is more thrash influanced, you also can hear rock and punk played in a black/thrash style.

    W.solstice: we tried to keep the same level of "dirt" we had on "sentinel of scum".

3. What importance do you give to the visual aspect of the group? Do you think even if you can gain the attention of new people, can also be a bit mislead the listener?
        We don't care about thoses things. We decided that a cartoonish artwork style would represent the lyrics and the band attitude.
        The band is not afraid to show silliness, but the raw feelings conveyed are not fake. I am sure some serial killers have a good sense of humour.

    Ekinox: Just like good 80's/90's horror movies, they are sick and twisted but yet they remain amusing and entertaining.

    W.solstice: I like comic books. We could use a typical black and white cover with a corpsepainted guy in the woods, but we decided not to.

4. Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.
        I use Jackson guitars and peavey amps, live and in the studio. Plug directly in the amp, nothing fancy.

    Blasph : I use an old Pearl Export kit to rehearse and to record. I prefer to play on someone else drums when we do concert, so I dont have to bring it back after the shows, more time allowed for beers.

    Ekinox: Bc rich warlock or Epiphone Prophecy guitar, and a paevey amp.

    W.Solstice: Wicked bass.

5. How difficult is the coexistence within the group? Who is the leader of the now compose, or all aportáis ideas and you respect?
        We all write songs individually and then pratice those songs together. Ekinox also does the production at home.

    Blasph : They write, I play. That's about it.

    Ekinox: we got along very well, we just play music without thinking too much about beeing in a band. Our goal is to play music we like.

6. Do you plan to re-edit the demo Elfire?
        We could reprint the demo as it was (cheap cd-r), but the drums were programmed and that is not what we aim for. We might upload it somewhere in the future.
        All the songs in the demo have way better versions on boths albums.

    W.Solstice: for now the answer is no.

7. Do you feel more control over your work thanks to the self?
        Yes, we can take our time and do whatever we please. It certainly take more time, but we don't have the money or interest in working with/for other people.

    Ekinox: For my part, I like the fact that we produce the music ourselves. we can have the sound we want, no compromise. Only total self satisfaction. isn't that the purpouse of playing in a band anyways ?

8. What bands influenced you when composing? What are you listening to lately? Any new group that has surprised you?
        Darkthone, Celtic Frost are my influences when writing for Scum Sentinel. I mainly listen to electronic music and ambient music these days, Boards of Canada, Endvra.......and lots of Darkthrone.
        I really like the latest Burzum album.

    Blasph : dsrkthrone and Motorhead. I mainly listen to old school black-metal and some old death-metal... and of course... Motorhead.

    Ekinox: for the writing, old mayhem, celtic frost, Khold, darkthrone, rock n roll, Punk. Lately I bought a couple of good cd's; both sarke albums, Abigor quintessance 2012, the new suffocation album,
            Behexen... but I also still listen to alot of my 90's classical black metal albums, I have over 500 extreme metal albums at home. And i also like alot of the 70's  and 80's rock n roll like Queen, VH, Neil young...

    W.Solstice: Kataklysm (sylvain houde era only) Kreator, Motorhead, Darkthrone, Vio-lence, Gammacide, Morbid Saint, Satanic Warmaster, Orcustus, Nargaroth, Exodus, Sodom, Celtic Frost- Hellhammer, Monarque, Benediction, Mayhem(Attila)

9. You are a group well known in the Canadian scene and more specifically in the Montreal area, thanks to your various projects. Has this been a success thanks to your shows? What can you tell us of your shows?
        Members of the band have been relentlessly producing great quality black metal for around 15 years now. Thus, we are known in the scene here, but we are aweful at doing promo and don't get solicited
        that often. When going to see Scum Sentinel, expect raw performances with a fuck off attitude and Satan.

        Blasph: Strident is right, we are totally aweful at doing promo and it's perfect just like that, we dont have to convince people to buy our stuff. They buy it because they like it... or even better if they buy it because they just want to burn it.

        Ekinox: I think that music "scenes" are like hollywood, it's all bout sucking up to people, which we don't do. We sing about our narrowminded ideas of interest in our circle of 4 people,
                beeing the band. So we don't have a circle of musical "friends" like all scenes have usually developped ex: Florida death metal, LLN, The norwegian inner cirle, Gottenburg death metal etc...
                We are here, we are different, we will remain like it or not. And peforming our music live is realy about having a good time playing our loud distorted riffs with intense volume in front of troglodytes like us.

10. Five fundamental cds in black metal
        If we talk second wave onwards..Not necessarily the best albums, but a great range to describe Black Metal.
        Burzum: Det Som Engang Var
        Darkthrone: Ablaze in the northern sky
        Ved Buens Ende: Written in Waters
        Emperor: Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
        Leviathan: 10th sublevel of suicide

        Blasph : Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness / Any Darkthrone Albums.
                 Enthroned - Towards the skullthrone of Satan
                 Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk
                 Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
                 Burzum: Det Som Engang Var

        Ekinox: I like way to much album to name just five... but here are a few that comes in mind right now;
                Abigor- the Silenius/Pk/TT Era
                Limbonic Art - in abhorence dementia
                Burzum - Filosofem
                Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
                Enslaved- Eld

        W.Solstice: abigor -orkblut the retaliation
                    enslaved - eld
                    opera IX -the black opera...
                    limbonic art - in abhorence dementia
                    mork grynning - return fire

11. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Scum Sentinel, this place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.
        Thanks for the interview, you might want to visit There, you will get info about Scum Sentinel, Magister Dixit, Spirit of the Forest and Superior Enlightenment.
        Blasph : F.O.A.D. UH!
        ws: S.A.T.A.N.!

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