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1. Mallephyr was launched around 2013, why did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name Mallephyr and what does it refer to?

I played that time in one local band, where I couldn’t express my musical ideas in the full scale, because it was not a black or black/death metal band and every member had different view on the music. I wanted to compose the music which was really coming from my heart, so I decided to start a new band with guitar player Adam and drummer Tom. Sinneral (that time bass player) joined us a little later. 

It’s a little word game. There is a igneous rock called “melafyr” in Czech (maybe “melaphyr” internationally), a cold black stone which was quite similar to how to describe our musical expression. Combined with a Latin word “malleus” (a hammer), it kinda makes sense with regards to our music. 

2. With “Ruins of Inner Composure” you reach your third studio album, how do you think your sound has evolved since the release of your first demo in 2014?

We somehow evolved as a personalities, as a musicians, so there is definitely quite big step between our first demo and the new album regarding the compositions, lyrics, sound or the expression in general. I think it is much more complex and much more emotions are put into the music. This is very important to me – I consider our music as a tool to express my inner thought, my inner demons. 

3. How has the composition and recording process of “Ruins of Inner Composure” been? What brands of instruments have you used in the process?

The composing and recording process was similar to our previous albums I would say. I always compose the track alone, all the guitars, arrangements etc. The most important thing is that it has to be a very natural process, nothing to be forced to do. Sometimes I sit with my guitar and in 10 minutes I know there wouldn’t be any solid material coming from the inside, but when it comes fluently, that is the time to compose the new song. I always have some ideas inside my head, sometimes it goes out like I thought, other time it transforms into something completely different. 

After I finish composing the track, Tom makes his drum parts. We know very well what to expect from each other, so then there are occasionally some really marginal adjustments, but most of the time the track is done then. 

We recorded the album again in Prague in KSV Studios with Karel Švejnoha, besides other things the drummer of my another bands Stíny plamenů and War for War. It is always very smooth, cool process in his studio. Mastering was made for the first time in United States in Enormous Door Studio by Jack Control. 

We used our own gear during the recording – Gretsch drums, ENGL and Peavey amplifiers. 

4. At the base of your sound, which can be described as black/death, it seems that there is more and more space to include dissonances, which ends up giving the whole both a dystopian character and a much darker, more complex and chaotic atmosphere, How would you describe the sound of the album for those who have not yet heard it? What bands and styles are an influence for you? What sensations do you intend to convey to the listener with your proposal?

There are definitely more dissonant parts on the new album than before, but there are also very melodic parts, some very fast and raw, not complicated passages etc. It is just what I said before – a natural process of composing and depends on the current state of mind what will be there. When you talk about chaotic atmosphere, I think it is an accurate description – chaos in mind was transformed into material chaos. 

There are of course many bands that had an influence on me during composing ”Ruins of Inner Composure”, bands I listened to that time and years ago. Every band I love has an influence on me as a musician or as a person, so it definitely affects our music. To name a few – Rebirth of Nefast, Aosoth, Nightbringer, Ascension… But I wouldn’t say we just copy someone, but the influence is definitely there. 

I think every listener will take from our music what he feels to take, it is very difficult to intend anything. We put our own feelings and emotions into it and now let the listeners join us on this journey. 

5. In addition to being in charge of the vocals and guitars in Mallephyr, you are also part of bands like Stíny Plamenů, Cult of Fire or Umbrtka, the latter two live, where do you find the time to take care of them? What Mallephyr brings you compared to the other bands you're a part of? How intense and unique is the black metal scene in your country?

Sometimes it is difficult, taking into account my quite time consuming job, but it is still possible to manage it. Cult of Fire is quite active now, with Stíny plamenů or War for War there are only a few gigs during the year, Umbrtka has a show once in 5 years on average. 

Mallephyr brings me a freedom of expression, because it is the band where I compose. I made a few songs also for Stíny plamenů, but in Mallephyr the process is the same since the first demo. You know, the composing process is maybe my favorite part of being in a band – I really love to incarnate my ideas, to play with the guitar layers, to give the whole thing a face. This is really important to me. 

I would describe the Czech black metal scene as quite small. Legendary bands like Master’s Hammer, Root or Törr and either not active or less active now. There are of course some very interesting and high quality acts like Inferno or Silva Nigra, in black/death Altars Ablaze or Somniate, but when we consider the scene as a whole, not much purely black metal stuff is there. The death or thrash metal scene is much bigger and much more extending. 

6. Anti-religious, misanthropic and nihilistic themes populate your lyrics. What specific themes do the lyrics of your latest album cover? Who is in charge of writing the lyrics? Does the music adapt to the lyrics or vice versa?

It is a very personal album regarding the lyrics, which are coming really from the depths of my mind. It is quite tough for me to describe it as it is a expression of my inner demons, shrouded in an, let’s say, abstract attire. The lyrics adapt to the music, but the result has to be intervowen.

7. You have worked with KSV Studios and Enormous Door Studio to record and mix the album. Why did you choose these recording studios to finish shaping the album? What do you think it has contributed to the final result of the album?

We recorded every album in KSV Studios, as I said before, we like the cooperation with Karel and the fluent and pleasant atmosphere there. Karel also recommended us the Enormous Door Studio to make the mastering and I have to say Jack is really fast working man, we had a final result very soon then. Every person gives its own perspective to the album, has an influence on it. I had a conception of the “Ruins…” sound before and I think we managed to get close to it. 

8. The album cover is the work of Joseph Deegan, why did you decide to work with him? What does this cover represent and how does it relate to the content of the album?

I like Joseph’s work as a musician, I really fucking love Slidhr since the beginnings, but I also admire him for his work as a visual artist and tattooer. Was following his instagram page for some time and then I just tried to address him with a request to make the artwork for our upcoming album. And I am very glad that he agreed, the cooperation with Joseph was very smooth, fast and pleasant. 

Joseph very precisely realized my vision which I described to him, it is very closely linked with the lyrical concept of the album. It depicts the madness a character feels while experiencing the "schizophrenic" mania... Not meant as a vague good vs. evil characteristic, but the depth vs. even greater void of personality.

9. You have made the leap to Epictural Production for the physical edition of the album, how did the possibility of working with them arise? How much of a priority was it for you to have a vinyl edition of the album from the start?

I addressed some labels with the promo version of our new album and Renaud from Epictural Productions answered very quickly, nicely and with the specific conditions that were absolutely convenient for us. I’m glad we arranged everything, I like the stuff he released before and particularly his own band Ferriterium, I really recommend to listen to it. 

It was an absolute priority to release the LP version of “Ruins of Inner Composure” immediately with the CDs and I am really glad that it became true. 

10. I suppose that you will soon begin to offer a concert to present the new album. What dates do you already have planned? What can your fans expect from your concert? Who would you like to do a mini tour with?

We are definitely open to the offers, we want to present our new stuff as much as possible. We have some gigs in Czechia planned already and on 21st of September we will play a special concert to the 10th anniversary of Mallephyr in Pilsen. We would like to perform much more abroad than before, we hope to manage something very soon. If anyone is interested in, feel free to contact us! 

In the near future we are going to play regularly “Ruins of Inner Composure” live in its entirety. I don’t have any specific pick, we would like to tour with any band we can spend a great time and fit musically together with. 

11. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What happened in your lives that pushed you to want to be musicians?

The first concert I attended was a show of two Czech legendary bands Arakain and Törr in Pilsen, then I visited Basinfirefest in Spalene Porici with Destruction as a headliner – it was a perfect show. I can’t remember which album I bought first, because we had some metal albums at home – my parents also listen to metal music. 

I had a relation to the music since my early childhood and always wanted to play the guitar, so I started quite early. 

12. What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What latest albums have you bought?

There are so many albums which I adore. Of course the Norwegian black metal scene is absolutely essential for me, when we talk about Satyricon, Emperor, Immortal or Mayhem. But I love to discover the new bands also, because for me black metal is one of the few metal genres which are developing even now. The various fusions and approaches to the genre are interesting. I love the fast and uncompromising black metal acts like Marduk, Dark Funeral or for example Massemord from Poland, but also the avant-garde bands like Deathspell Omega, Blut aus Nord or Sacrificial Vein to name some new act on the scene. Also the slower, depressive BM like Austere or old Coldworld is great, there are really many many bands I love. 

In the recent years there is one album which includes absolutely everything I searched for in black metal, and that’s Rebirth of Nefast – Tabernaculum. Absolutely fantastic piece of art. To name few others – Ascension, Abigor, Slidhr, Totenmesse, Merrimack, Hell Militia, Enthroned, Schammasch, Lvcifyre, Terrestrial Hospice, Kvadrat, Nordjevel, 1349, Doedsvangr and many many many more. 

But I also like death metal, old thrash metal, some heavy metal acts, rock, EBM and other genres, but black metal is the main for me. 

Last album I bought was Hexvessel – Dawnbearer after their recent show in Prague. 

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Mallephyr fans this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you very much for your interest in our music and for the review once again. I would like to thank also all the fans for their support, really appreciate it. Hope to see you soon at some of our gigs, it would be great to perform in Spain in the future. 



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