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Origen: Francia, Marsella

Formados: 2019

Estilo: Black épico y atmosférico

Temática: Fantasía medieval

Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook e instagram.


  • Aleevok Letras y todos los instrumentos
  • Charlie Videau Batería

  • Journey Through Mountains and Valleys CD 2020
  • Artefacts CD 2021  
  • Sons of the Sun Single 2024  
  • Battle for Therallas Single 2024  
  • Eastern Tales CD 2024
Después de casi tres años sin tener noticias nueves sobre la banda, los franceses Belore regresan con su tercer larga duración, un nuevo álbum que redunda en un sonido cargado de épica y atmósferas medievales, todo ello partiendo de un sonido black. Resulta curioso la capacidad que tienen Aleevok y Charlie para fabricar un álbum rico y variado en matices, dentro de un sonido que partiendo de una propuesta black, logra crear una atmósfera épica de corte medieval, gracias al empleo de números recursos ambientales, seguramente de procedencia de sintetizadores que logran dibujar esas secciones épicas, como muchas veces han demostrado este tipo de bandas. El ritmo del álbum, salvo contadas secciones, se muestra más bien lento, son una batería que va desgranando un ritmo casi que contemplativo, sobre el cual las guitarras van construyendo un paisaje sonoro que nos trae ciertas reminiscencias paganas, priorizando las parte melódicas, que nos llevan a terrenos de la épica medieval. Algunas pinceladas de un black más directo se dejan sentir a lo largo del álbum, quizás esas secciones tengan un mayor protagonismo dentro del pagan metal, sin que en ningún momento se pierda de vista el tono melódico del sonido. Lo mismo podemos decir de un apartado vocal que trascurre sin muchos sobresaltos, pero si con un notable esfuerzo por que algunas secciones tengan mayor protagonismo estructuras más directas y oscuras que ponen cierto contraste con el apartado instrumental, eso si, el trabajo a las voces se muestra sublime, con la inclusión de algunas de corte limpio que sirven para acentuar ese tono épico del álbum. Un trabajo que encaja perfectamente en el sonido black atmosférico con cierta épica y melodía, capaz de rodearnos de un tono de fantasía de corte medieval. (8,3).

1. To the Eastern Lands 00:55  
2. Sons of the Sun 07:47
The ground burns as the summit approaches The Golden Company is climbing the Red Mountain Endraïl's den is in sight Kept by basalt skin men With no fear or pain Ready to defend this item We shall be guided by the light The swords roar against the flesh of creatures A forsaken cult, frightened Surprises by the violence, the guardians fall one by one Opening the way, to the dragons egg The vastness of the lair crushes the small armed group Terrified of a long time threat The beast, watching the ruins of Endeor Forgets his own offspring Frozen like a stone The egg starts to shine A blue light illuminates the dark cave The knigths realize their success We are the Sons of the Sun Through the light we live Against the fall of our lands Faithful warriors 
3. Storm of an Ancient Age 09:51
  Moving aways the shore
The turmoil slowly replaced by the sound
Of waves stroking the bow
Despite the great distance
The stronghold of Therallas keeps its glory and its majesty

Across the sea into unknown country
Our ships will soar above the breeze
A mighty song rising
Sailing as one on infinite azure
A burning sky, a sunset on fire
The journey just begins

Dark clouds appear on the horizon
The wind starts to howl as a threat

Behold the lightning that strikes above
A danger comes far from the east
Beware the storm is fierce and fatal
Set sail and face the beast

After hours of challenging battle
The sun breaks through the grey vault
Some of the boats are now asleep in darker deeps
Nevertheless, forest and mountains take shape far beyond
This new world, long awaited is finally at hand
A shining hope in the sailos' eyes is risen!

A warm feeling as they walk on the sand
The great expedition may now begin
Walking for days into luxurious woodlands
Until they run into signs of human life

An ancient civilization appears the explorers
A splendid and imposing city emerges from the hills
The seal of Sindorias inscribed on banners
A part of the first age's nation exiled for centuries

Deep in the woods, appears a fortress
Marked by the age of an escape
New beginning, far from the west
The king's bloodline is preserved
4. The Hermit Awakens 09:07
  In the forest of Valdolen
Near the dawn
A shadow, unveiling
The moonlight shines on trees and stones
Showing the path, to the fearless wanderer

Whispers growing in hidden groves
Of a guardian
Constrained to flee
Walking for days through woods and hills
A sunrise, finally, enlightening hope

Living among Stoneskin humans
Erethor is hiding from his past
After the fall of Endeor
He chose a way, hermit, in the eastern lands
In the shadow of the west
Secret learning of a stone

The old mage sought for centuries
Keeping secret, a coveted gem
Which was used to compel the plague of Endeor
An artefact, unknown, the amber stone

In an ocean of light he marches
A secret keeper
Stone of amber
A new power awakens

Revealing himself to the great army of Riarl
The wizard swears allegiance to his new king
But no time for gallantry, a danger is growing
Denelïor overthrow the throne

Therallas petrified by witchcraft
The citadel must be reconquered
5. Benelior's Betrayel 02:09  
6. Battle for Therallas 07:16
A cold wind rises on Sehogan valley In a frozen hope, soldiers shield up Walking silently toward the besieged capital The rising sun chasing their fears Since Riarl left Therallas, corruption took the throne The fallen mage betrayed his king A magic cult forged in secret now stands All around the remparts Warriors of western echoes Come to my call, be proud Our chance to win back the town Is in your hands, be honoured Green fire arises beyond the remparts A deadly rain decimating the front lines Running on brunt bodies, Lynna reaches the main door Opening a breaches to the city Preceded by the king, warriors invade the royal court Defeated, the cult is forced to retreat As they mourn the loss of their fallen goals The sun sets on the reconquered capital  
7. The Rise of a Sovereign 06:19
A sorrow, face to the wounded fortress
Rialrl observes hid kingdom from its marble tower
With a heavy heart but now fearless
The young king is no longer

Having seen the darkness, the light will rise above it all
Despite the dangers that fate will put in its path
A new strength emerges from his despair
The rise of a sovereign

Flame guiding the king
Facing the fear of losses and ashes

Vinyl, 7", EP, Red Translucent

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