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 Good morning, thank you very much for answering these questions, how is everything going in Sweden?

All is going good over here!

1. Based on maintaining your anonymity, we also assume that we are dealing with a one man band, but what led you to create Faidra? Why did you choose the name Fraida and what does it refer to?

The ”band” came about by accident and through experimentation in my home studio by recording some atmospheric dark folk music. Eventually it led me to try to make atmospheric BM instead. The name refers to the myth and it sort of came up while watching documentaries at the time. The name sounded good, had an interesting back story and was short, so i picked it for those reasons.

2. Your first album “Six Voices Inside” (2020), surprised everyone and everyone, an album that collected influences from the most classic black, making an appearance, without attracting attention from the deepest underground, how did you face all the process of creating this album and how did you feel about the impact it achieved?

It sure was a surprise with the positive feedback. The ambitions were low with the project and mostly made as an experiment for my own amusement.

3. You have recently released your second album “Militant : Penitent : Triumphant” (2023), a work that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. How did you approach the composition and recording of this new album? Did you have a certain pressure to live up to it? from the first album? What brands of instruments have you used in the process?

It was easier to write the new album with an established formula that was created with Six Voices Inside. I did not feel any pressure, but rather an obligation to not stray too far from the sound and atmosphere from the first album. The instrumentation is basically the same the sexobd time around.

4. Atmospheric black metal, that is the style in which your music fits, however I would like to deal with certain influences such as some folk elements, in the line of your countrymen Hermóðr and certain aspects that can also be related to the legacy of Burzum, how important have these two bands (“projects”) been in defining your style in Faidra? How would you describe the sound of the album for those who have not yet heard it? Apart from these two influences mentioned, Are other bands an influence on you?

At the start i was somewhat inspired by the two mentioned above. But after i kind of knew what i wanted the music to be, i more or less just looked towards other sources for inspiration regarding atmosphere and lyrical content, mainly scores foubd in movies and games.

5. In your first album you addressed themes related to exorcism and the Dark Souls video game saga among others, however in this new work you address themes related to sin, atonement and redemption. Why this change in theme? of the lyrics? Why are you attracted to these themes related to the state of the church? Did you compose the music based on the lyrics or vice versa?

The first album was more or less improvised, with the intent to never release it and obly be heard by a few friends. It is less focused, specially lyrically. After the success it had i had to be more serious, if you will. I wanted to create something with a theme and a thread and consistancy. I always compose the music first and add the lyrics later.

6. Regarding the recording, mixing and mastering process, there is not much information. Have you handled this entire process yourself or have you had the help of a professional?

No, i do everything myself even though i am not very good at it. Good thing for me the genre does not require , nor should have a high end production.

7. Northern Silence Productions has been in charge of publishing editions of its work in different physical formats since practically its inception. How did the possibility of linking up with Northern Silence Productions arise?

That came about when i wanted to put my music on spotify for easy access for friends. One way to get your music on streaming platforms is through the label route. So i e-mailed a couple of labels, a few answered, but NSP felt like the best choice.

8. To illustrate the covers of your albums you have chosen works by baroque painters with Italian ties, why these choices when illustrating your albums now? Have you had any legal problems with the Norwegian band Obtained Enslavement when their cover coincides with the from his album “Soulblight” (1998)?

Art and layouts are created by the label. The style and usage of old paintings was something i wanted from the beginning since i feel they fit the music. They are also free to use by anyone, so no problems with other artists who use the same art.

9. I suppose that the very marked nature of your music, beyond being a one man band of course, does not work in favor of taking the proposal live. Have you ever considered offering a concert? Which bands would you like to play with? set up a mini tour?

It makes things alot harder to play live for shure. I’d have to devote alot of time getting a band together finding the right people, rehearse etc. If i had that time it would surely be something to look into. I would , in that case, like to play with bands i really like. Bands like Marduk and Mgla comes to mind.

10. How do you see the health of black metal in Sweden right now? What is your opinion of projects like yours, from a single member, compared to the more classic proposals of a full band?

I am not really in tune with the genre or keeping an eye on it anymore, but i know there are alot of newer acts that are really good and fresh, both obe man projects and full bands.

11. There are many bands and projects that are inspired by the most classic black of the nineties, many times correctly, others simply result in a crude copy of the original, for you, where does the essence of black metal lie and where is the balance between tradition, innovation and plagiarism?

There is no way for anyone to not resemble anyone else that has come before. If you draw inspiration from something, naturally there will be elements that displays that inspiration. Plagiarism and straight up copying is another thubg completely. When something inspires me i want to make my mysic sound LIKE the inspiration, not BE the inspirational source. Sometimes bands can indeed maybe be a little too inspired and copying everything from the music to the appearance of their inspiration. Its a thin line sometimes.

12. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What event in your life pushed you to want to be musicians?

Oh, thats hard to remember. I know one of the bigger acts i saw early was Dio. Before that i think there was mostly smaller acts. The first album was probably some kids stuff or something. The 80’s bands like Helloween, Metallica etc pushed me towards learning guitar.

13. What albums represent the essence of black metal for you? What latest albums have you bought?

Thats a hard question and it depends on what you regard as pure black metal. The latest albums i got was Revenge of Shinobi, Altered Beast and Golden Axe soundtracks on vinyl.

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Faidra's followers this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you, i hope everyone likes the new album !


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