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Origen: E.E.U.U., Oakland, California

Formados: 2019

Estilo: Black técnico

Temática: Discapacidad, enfermedad crónica, identidad, opresión, paganismo y taoísmo.

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  • Satyra ?

  • Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone covered by robots) Single 2021  
  • The Spark Single 2021  
  • Robot Black Metal EP 2021  
  • Disabled Single 2021  
  • Technopagan CD 2022

Primer larga duración para esta one man band creada a raíz de la enfermedad de Satyra la cual le ha obligado a rodearse de una seria de maniquís que interpretan las partes a las que él no puede llegar, en forma de diferentes programaciones y un elenco de luces. Es importante reseñar que estamos ante un trabajo que no encaja del todo en el black, si, podemos hablar de un black técnico, pero más bien estamos ante un proyecto en donde la electrónica y los sonidos industriales tiene un peso importante, al mismo tiempo que no se alejan contraproducentemente de sonidos extremos. Doce temas conforman el álbum, sucediéndose temas instrumentales a menudo y ofreciendo un álbum compacto, imposible de comprender de forma unitaria, tema a tema. Hablaba del peso importante que tiene la electrónica en todo el sonido de este "Technopagan", sin embargo no suena como algo del todo artificial en un álbum de metal, tanto por la creación de atmósferas que logra en un plano oscuro y demente, como el perfecto equilibrio de sus aportes en los riffs, si que es cierto que parece que todo suena programado y artificial de alguna forma, pero los riffs se adentran por terrenos agresivos y crudos, formando un conjunto totalmente casi que mantrico. Las voces, cuando hacen acto de aparición suenan graves, concisas y oscuras, pero la presencia de la instrumentación logra ocupar mucho espacio, logrando dibujar tanto un aura ambiental de oscuridad y soledad, como cuando batería y riffs van de la mano ofrecer una sección mucho más densa y agobiante, secciones que se ven acrecentadas cuando las voces hacen acto de aparición, No estamos ante un álbum de sonido black al uso, sin embargo como propuesta que tiene en la electrónica si punto de partida, se muestra concisa y competente, sorprendiendo por la capacidad de experimentar tanto con la ambientación como con las diferentes intensidades. (8)

1. Mechanical Chatter (YCLF) 00:38   instrumental
2. The Spark 05:03
  On the first day
And the last day
Of the world
The queer oracle
From the center

Of a cauldron
From a fire
Kept by fey
And mortals touched by the Spark

Stir the fire
Mince the sage
Add cardamom
And time

There’s a sleeping seed
Buried deep
The last fruiting tree
On earth

This tree will not survive
Nor will it die
Earth's brew
Feeds this seed
For rebirth

Heat the cauldron
Melt the sugar
Drink the brew
Set the spark

We are all
Just piles of mud
Mounds of flesh
Smothering the earth
Encased in stone
That is
at least
we feel
The Spark
3. Mechanical Chatter (tS) 00:31   instrumental
4. Disabled 04:37
A recurring sense of grief A passing of myself Pushing my physical limits To face daily life Detached from my body Dissociated, numb My body keeps me safe from the physical pain of being By turning off Disability brings a repeated grief for oneself There is no reason why This is no one’s fault There is nothing you could’ve done This suffering just is Again and again Further My frail body is the ultimate teacher Stripped down to the core of myself By grieving away the parts of me I can hold no more When you can no longer do the things you considered you What are you now? When you can do nothing, What is your value? Intrinsic and infinite Yet we live in a world with a fetish for definition You can only be And that is beautiful Full of awe Powerful enough to crush any other notion I am 29 years old And I am prepared to be old, Wise, And next to death 
5. Mechanical Chatter (tS II) 00:32   instrumental
6. Soot and Sulfur 04:48
I am A flame I’ve burned bright Burned through many a night I’ve consumed the air around me And the kindling beneath my feet I’ve burned bright For long I’ve kept alight You can tell of my passing From a lingering smell of sulfur I’ve burned hot I’ve carbonized a lot I’ve left my mark on many things My black dust that stains the world I am a flame I am a flame Burning Burning away I’ve burned hot Emblazoned all I aught When my time is over I will be but soot and sulfur When my time is over I will be but soot and sulfur I am a flame I am a flame Burning Burning away Burning Burning Burning Away
7. Glasshole 08:17   instrumental
8. Mechanical Chatter (WP) 00:35   instrumental
9. Antifascist Feverdream 07:12
 Fluid a liquid existence eroding the symptoms of a two party system
Gender is performative
And the whole world is a stage
But who is writing this play?
And who gave you your role anyway?
Turn this bipartisan brain into a stream of consciousness


I am no longer method acting anymore
I am enacting a need
My body needs to breathe
By boiling over
Boiling over
To burn the hands that feed
Us fake news and fake culture
Fake genders, it's over


Separate and far from equal motherfuker
Let's fudge these lines, bend over!
Prepare yourself for a new kind of water torture
Don't just think for yourself
Fucking feel, fucking do
Who are you?
Turn your bipartisan brain into an honest stream of consciousness


Follow the crevices through which it pours
Fill the Basin at the bottom of your soul
dry for so many years
Until you to boil over
Drown the world with the love you have always had
Drown the world with the love you have always had
Drown the world with the love you have always had


This warpaint you call makeup
Prepares me for war
Against a culture
That demeans faggots and whores
These are my people
We have pride
Stained lips
And Darkened eyes
Join the legions
For Today,
like every other day,

10. Mechanical Chatter (MBiFM) 00:31   instrumental
11. You Cannot Live Forever 03:33
   You cannot stay forever
You hardly exist now
Your perceptions of reality
Are based on a bygone world

Beneath blankets of security
Rests the soil of this world
Viewed Like static of uncertainty
From which reality unfurls

The grasping at the fabric
Only helps it be undone
Do not fight your undoing
It is your making

Mourning transformation
Grieve Your passings with pride
Accept what is to come
The you on the other side
12. My Body Is Failing Me 07:26
My hands are heavy ghosts

My face is filled with needles

My arms have fallen asleep

And they won’t wake up

My leg burns from no fire

My hand can’t hold yours back

I cannot itch deep enough

The world feels dull through my fingers

But Don’t touch me it will hurt

There is no reason why

The suffering just is

My body is failing me
My body is failing me
My body is failing me
My body is failing me
Will I die?

Or decompose

With my eyes wide open?

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