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Origen: E.E.U.U., Cincinnati.


Estilo: Black


Enlaces: Bandcamp


  • Luke Sackenheim Todos los instrumentos y voces
  • Ogasawara EP 2021
  • Apparitions of the Cursed Realms Split 2021  
  • Abyssion Single 2021
  • Immortal Rite, Underneath the Temple of Darkness Split 2021
EP de cuatro temas  que sirve como presentación para esta on emna band estadounidense. El sonido se centra en ofrecer un black metal bastante directo y que sobresale sobre todo por us frialdad. Luke es puebls su sonido de elementos de tradición thrash reconocibles sobre todo en los riffs y en muchas estructuras de batería que se acentúan si cabe todavía más cuando se nos ofrecen algunso diros inesperados en las composiciones, sobre todo en cuanto a intensidad. Las voces siguen también una línea bastante fría y heladora en perfecta sintonía con el apartado de guitarra. Las ideas expuestas vendría de la tradición más clásica del black escandinavo de los noventa, aunque no es menos cierto que hay ciertas estrucuras y "arreglos" que desprenden un tono más actual. Un trabajo que desprenden mucha intensidad, marcado por un caracter gélido, que trae a bien saber también incorporar al sonido lagunso teclados que crean una sensación más eterea en el conjunto, en donde los acertados cabios de ritmo permiten disfrutar de un Ep que dejala puerta abierta a un futuro prometedor. (8,2).

1. Shallow Water Blackout 04:40
  These crystal waters gleaming
They beckon
And call me to be

I take a breath and break the surface
And take a breath again
I feel I can go forever
As deprivation’s sinking in

Just underneath the surface
It's right within my grasp
An entire world before me
So close but fading fast

Far Below
The world I know

I drift along this underworld
And skid across the sand
A darkness covers everything
And leads me towards the abyss

This grip is ever tightening
It pulls me further in
I died before I knew it
I want the chance to live

I push and writhe in unconsciousness
Stuck between this world and the next
I claw up to the surface
As I convulse and twist

I break free
Sink beneath
2. 100 Meters Down 07:28
Sinking deep To the depths below Where all light dies And the world grows cold A forgotten civilization Remnants of a dark creation Tortured screams Resound the void Convulsing in agony Writhing in antiquity Empyrean bells have begun to toll The sound awakens a chorus of souls Twenty thousand dead before my eyes They can't recall where they had died Condemned beneath the waves of eternity Weighed down by sins of mortal tragedy "We wander on in this crypt unseen All that remains of the great atrocity Izanami, the keeper of souls Seek her ahead in the depths below" Turbulent pool of discarded dreams Tortured apparitions of agony Drifting on a current of endless suffering Drags me down beneath To Yomi At the bottom of this ethereal sea Polluted pillars give way to debris Izanami calls from on her throne of the diseased Into the palace I take refuge to reprieve The stoic facade of a decomposing queen A decrepit throne of broken corpses obscene A porcelain face with burning eyes of fury A visage scarred beyond the will to be seen Where the gods had once fallen from her tears Now trails of fire trace fractured skin This hideous fury comes forth I grovel on knee and beg to depart Please. I. Beg. You. Send. Me. Back. To. The. place. and. time. Before. I. arrived "Mortal! How dare you to presume? To come before me And dare to decree? No This simply will not do For this is my domain And here you shall remain That is of course unless Maybe there is some use To bring these souls to rest Grant this at my request Go and light the fires on the shores Guide the dead back to the living once more! Do me this one simple task And I shall send you back" The earth quakes and the seas drain The palace crumbles and the souls disperse Neither in the land of dead nor living I wander on to light the flames I heed my calling towards the tombs I hear her voice within my mind "Light the fires on the shores And call the dead to life!"  
3. Apparitions on the Waves 06:20
  I walk along these ashen shores
This tomb amongst the tides
To bear a light of salvation
To those who have died

This stench, infernal
Roaming scavengers scattered on the sands
I wretch, encircled
By bloated corpses I'm unable to withstand

I approach the pyre
And offer recompense

A flame
This world
To life

Tumultuous waves erupt
Crashing on the shores of grey
Tortured souls come bursting forth
Towards a beacon that lights the way

A promise kept
A duty fulfilled

The world around me changes
To a view of my time
An era of senseless violence
When evil humans thrived

They mutilate each other
Blood spurts forth from their skin
Carcasses consumed by hatred
At a war's appalling end

I know why I was sent
I know where you have died
I beckon to call you forth
And guide you to back to life

The violent sea erupts
Into a brilliant wave
That comes to wash away
The blood of all mankind

A horde of spirits comes into view
Riding the waves of exaltation
To seek out what remains
Of their forgotten existence
4. Uncontrolled Rapid Ascent 05:00
   Geysers spew forth
Breaking through an eroded world
Demolishing existence
And flooding the world in darkness

Engulfed in the tides of damnation
I writhe towards the surface, to the light
The mounting pressure plunges downwards
Underneath the horizon line

Escape is futile
But why is this

Thrashing underwater
As the world collapses in
Ripped apart by raging torrents
I plead for ascension

Breath of life waning in this vortex
Washed away, set adrift in the tides of time
The anguished tension of painful swelling
Towards the light as the currents rise

A promise kept
A duty fulfilled

Bubbling, pressure mounting
Nitrogen within my skin
Rapidly decompressing
I float up towards the surface

As above, so below
A reflection of mortal dissidence
Izanami, on her throne
Comes into view in the distance

Silently, she grants remittance
To take the form of flesh and bone
I break the surface, thus reborn
I awaken to return home

Edition of 100 copies.
The lyrical concept of "Frau Brinkmann" is based on the short story "Kammann und Soddemann", published in the german literature magazine "Abweg".

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