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Origen: Suecia, Västerbotten

Formados: 2016

Estilo:  Black

Temática: Anticristianismo, ocultismo, satanismo y violencia

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  • AN Guitarra
  • AK Guitarra
  • E Voces
  • TK Bajo
  • VT Batería

  • Demo I Demo 2017  
  • II EP 2019  
  • Hic Rugitus Cavernarum Terribilis Directo 2020  
  • Theion CD 2021

THEION (2021)
Primer larga duración para estos suecos que entregan un obra de black que recuerda a la escuela escandinava y que ofrece una buena dosis de violencia y oscuridad. Estamos ante una obra densa en cuanto a sonido, sin partes destacables, en donde todo funciona como un ente perfectamente engrasado y en donde sorprenden algunos cambios de ritmo que logran si cabe ofrecer una mayor dosis de violencia y oscuridad aunque estas partes se entregan en forma de momentos más lentos. Las guitarras suena afiladas, sin caer en líneas melódicas, pero si que algunas veces nos trae algunas reminiscencias más clásicas dentro de su sonido enfrascado en la densidad y la oscuridad. Otro tanto podría suceder con la batería, manteniendo una línea bastante definida en pos de marcar un ritmo constante pero que se entrega con ferocidad cuando la música se adentra por terrenos más violentos. Las voces se muestran profundas, en un medio tiempo entre el sufrimiento, la violencia y las agresividad, sin saturarse en exceso y fluyendo perfectamente en la mezcla. El álbum en definitiva responde a los patrones del black escandinavo, pero Malakhim han sido lo suficientemente hábil para incorporar influencias de otras escuelas, dando como resultado un trabajo que resulta por momentos agobiante, cumpliendo en su faceta más ocultista y violenta. (7,6).

1. There Is a Beacon 06:57
  There is a beacon a shining monolith in the dark
At the furthest edges of life there stands a beacon
Lit by the merciless, hungering fire of Satan
Fuelled by the wavering essence of God

A lighthouse lit by Satan’s fire
A gleaming path towards the Abyss

There is a beacon before which man is but a vessel of clay
To be filled by the raging adversarial fire

That burns the essence of God away
A monolith of blackest night

A flame that beckons in the dark
Ignites a sinister urge inside

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus
Lux aeterna!
Sanctus, Sanctus, Fiat lux
Lux aeterna!

There is a beacon within the pitch black abyss
There stands a beacon ignited by unquenchable hunger

To explore beyond the reaches of life
It beckons me, this haunting light

A sinister calling that beckons in the Night
A sinister spark that calls towards the Abyss

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus
Lux aeterna!
Sanctus, Sanctus, Fiat lux
Lux aeterna!
2. Merciless Angel of Pestilence 03:56
Merciless angel of pestilence Vomit your gospel of rot Desecrate the sanctity of life In a rapture of gore and pus Crooked fingers beckon towards damnation Decaying lips that part for a final kiss Merciless angel of pestilence Anoint your chosen with death Demolish the sacred temples In feverish ecstatic frenzy Spread your wings across To eternally darken the skies Pluck the stars from the heavens And drain their essence away Archangel of the mass graves May your rotting seeds explode in bloom Desecrate the gilded halls O blessed murderer of the holy child Veins that burn with fire and void Voices that speak without breath Spread your blessing Of scythe and sword To stab and rend To maim and kill Wounds that weep Wounds that sing Wounds that speak A M E N! 
3. Slither O Serpent 05:22
Ancient Nightside Serpent Uncoil from the Abyss of the mind Fangs that drip with with venom Buried within my flesh Poison me! Poison me! Murder the Light within Slither, O Serpent, slither once more Through my veins Fill me with void Whisper, O Serpent, whisper once more Into my heart Sow your wisdom once more Ageless Bloodthirsty Viper Strike against the fetters of Creation Yes, I erect your Temple Within and without Ignite in me the raging fire To cross beyond the thresholds Into the serpentine womb Slither, O Serpent, slither once more Through my veins Fill me with void Whisper, O Serpent, whisper once more Into my heart Sow your wisdom once more
4. Chalice of Ruin 05:02
For He speaks with thunder!
For He sings with flame!
He is crowned by a halo of bone
He is risen! Give praise!

A thousand mouths that yawn and clasp
A thousand eyes that see without sight

Blessed are those
Who sow salt in the wounds of Christ

Now bear witness to the coming
As the earth now heaves in pain
Now bear witness to the crowning
As the beast claims the throne most high

Hear the calling thunder
See the cleansing flame
Crowned by the halo of death
He is risen! Give praise!

Blessed are those
Who wear the mark of sin
Behold the graveyards
Where creation lies

Arise, Great Devourer
Ascend, Great Destroyer

Eternal opposer of life

Empty the chalice of ruin over creation
And in the heart of man, hope turns to dust!
5. His Voiceless Whisper 04:56
And within the fetid soil of the world The Tree of Death has set its roots Drinking deep the blood of life As it flows from the throat of the godhead The thunder roars As the abyss opens up once more Can you see the drowning darkness Yawning like an open grave And each branch of this Tree Now adorned by a noose Hungering to encircle your throat With a final embrace And in the void Between the beats of a heart Where life becomes death becomes life He rests, to speak The breathless whisper of the Devil At the back of your neck Do you hear His voiceless whisper? Do you feel our Masters call? Will you call with me into the night? And embrace the horrors that come back And in the darkness within A promethean fire now burns A shining spark to lift the veil And illuminate the path Do you hear His voiceless whisper? Calling from the dark Will you take my hand this night? To receive the Devil's mark  
6. Hammer of Satan 03:39
I am the hammer of Satan The iron fist of your utter damnation I am the spear of negation Poised to strike at the heart of creation So behold and rejoice as from folded dimensions Come many-eyed horrors that twist in dementia REJOICE! REJOICE! MESSIAH OF THE CROSS THIS SAVIOR OF PIGS REJOICE! REJOICE! COME NOW OH LIGHT SHINE WITH PERDITION'S MIGHT I am the hammer of Satan In fire crowned I wield the sword of damnation It sings with the song of your demise In the shadowless folds of space and time The chatter of teeth, a hunger divine Something awakens to feast and devour Radiant horrors now awaken REJOICE! REJOICE! SWINE OF THE CROSS YOUR EMPIRE FALLS REJOICE! REJOICE! BURNING SO BRIGHT SEE THE FIRES OF DAMNATION ALIGHT! Hammer of Satan Hammer of Satan Hammer of Satan Crushing their temples  
7. The Splendour of Stillborn Stars 05:08
As we erase our names from the book of Life Do you hear the calling from the valley of Death So let us bare our flesh at the altars of Sin And embrace the burning madness within So hear the call from the funeral pyre Death, rising in a maddening form A thousand spears, stabbed into the mind A feverish trance of the flesh Bask! In the radiating glow As a million suns kill with ease Blind us! Blind us all to grant us sight Eradicate! Erase! Blind us! And in the dust, amidst the cosmic graveyards The carcass of the impotent godhead lies As we dance in the dust of her fallen temples We behold the splendour of stillborn stars Tremble! In the horrid presence Of entities beyond time and space Blind us! Blind the heavenly orbs Eradicate! Erase! So, hear the calling from beyond the stars In lucid dreams the path revealed A million suns, begin to glow To set creation ablaze!  
8. Theion 06:01
  From the highest of mountaintops
At the spine of the world
See the splendour of the beast
Crowning the peaks

Hear! The trumpet sounds
It calls for the end of you and I
Behold as the flames of perdition
Lick the cradle of all civilization

Radiant morning star
Golden son of the morning
Tempter! Seducer of man!
Ruinous liberation you bring

Break now all illusion
Let the laws of old crumble
The tablets of stone, shattered again
As the laws of God inverse

From the deepest of the oceans
At the watery womb of the worlds
Ancient evil awakens
Breaking the waves

Hear! The trumpet sounds
It calls for the end of you and I
Behold as the blood of creation
Seeps forth in a wave of damnation

Radiant morning star
Golden sun of the new dawn
Serpent! Seducer of hearts!
Illuminating fire you give!

Break now all illusion
Let the firmament crumble
The pillars of the temple, shattered again
As the order of God inverse

BLACK VINYL // 180g (Heavy Vinyl), 300gsm Cover, Insert, Paperbag, Poster in A2 format

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