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Origen: Francia, Albi

Formados: 2013

Estilo: Ambient,  pagan black

Temática: Filosofía, leyendas, naturaleza, paganismo y politeísmo europeo

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  • Léo Appaix Batería
  • Sviatibor Todo y voces

  • Lost and Dying in the Forest Single 2013  
  • Darkness Phenomenon Single 2013  
  • The Darkest Winter EP 2013  
  • Illa tiðandi (A Tribute to Burzum) Single 2013  
  • From Yav to Nav CD 2014  
  • Sviatibor EP 2014  
  • Mother Europe Single 2014  
  • L'oeuvre de Rod CD 2014  
  • Echoes from Nav Recopilatario 2014  
  • La foi des ancêtres CD 2014
  • Dans la splendeur des dieux CD 2015  
  • From the Ancestral Abysses - Live Rehearsal Directo 2015  
  • Discovery of a Blazing Emptiness CD 2015  
  • Funérailles Single 2015  
  • Le havre du seigneur céleste CD 2016  
  • Heralds of the Sun Single 2016  
  • Secrets of the Land CD 2020
  • Chernye Debri Voiny Single 2020
  • Primal Flame Inheritance EP 2023
  • Live Rehearsal 2023 Directo 2023
Sexto álbum de estudio para este combo procedente de la Occitania que por otro lado tan buenos momentos nos ha regalado en forma de black metal influenciado por elementos paganos. Este sexto trabajo de los galos en un álbum ambicioso en muchos sentidos pero con un marcado acento personal en cuanto a la ofrecido. Si que es cierto que el sonido de Sviatibor y más concretamente los seis temas que dan forma a este "Secrets of the Land" muestran un sonido que se hunde en las bandas de black/pagan/folk de comienzos de los noventa  en todo lo que tuviera que ver con un black metal que se adentraba por terrenos paganos sin importarle poco el traspasar fronteras entre géneros mientras la formula funcionase y sirviera para ir moldeando el estilo en estos primeros momentos. Sviatibor ofrecen un sonido de black sustentado por unos riffs entre lo melódico y lo melancólico en donde se intercalan momentos más directos con medios tiempos. La atmosfera ofrecida es muy evocadora, de paisajes fríos y medievales, sin lugar a duda la inclusión de instrumentos de vientos y algunos teclados no hacen más que conducir a estos terrenos la propuesta final del álbum. La riqueza de este trabajo está fuera de toda dudas, resultando un viaje entre los sonidos directos y profundos, sin renunciar a la agresividad y la violencia con riffs incendiarios y baterías veloces, al mismo tiempo que no se descuidan las partes más emotivas y melancólicas que nutren al álbum de variedad y contrastes. Las voces se muestra profundas y agresivas como base del sonido, pero no descuidan el ofrecer también algunos contrastes con partes mucho más limpias y evocadoras que se acaban por fundir con las partes más pagan. Pongamos algunos teclados en el resultado final del ´álbum y acabamos por obtener un trabajo que se inspira en los clásicos del pagan black metal, al mismo tiempo que no renuncia a ofrecer una visión propia del género. (7,7).

1. Armies of a Luminous Eye 05:28
   Strong branches bound by one scarlet sap
Rooted in a mysterious and fertile land
We grow, by the echoes of our faithful chants
We fight as one in our quest to reach the haven of the Sun

Powered by the shine of this glorious gaze
We dwell in honor, guarded by a celestial hand
Through the realms of Life and Death, we embrace our destiny
We will not behold the great illusion of time
For we stand among the bodiless who cross the cold river

Born from the ashes of wars
We survived the dark rains of swords and arrows
We survived the soiled and relentless blood streams
For we are protected and blessed by the all-mighty being

We are the heralds of the sun
As incarnated deities, with soldiers' eyes
We protect the vastitude of the old continent

Guided by the echoes of our former existences
The temporal omniscience is our strongest weapon
We are the winds, the breath of the Earth
As a sacred mission, we spread the seeds, for the survival of our land
2. Primitive Time Remembrances 08:03
As I walk, alone, in the golden fields I feel in the wheat ways The buried footsteps of my forebears These resemble mines, I have been there before This path I have to follow, for this path I've once traced The ghost of my former existence is my guide It will lead me to my hidden citadel Whose foundations were built by old bodies bones Lost in the vastitude of the old continent Years and years of wanderings in cold forests and sinuous ways Will I ever find it ? Where do these echoes come from ? Every night I see the moon's beams But my eyes never caught its shape I can not see through the black clouds I can not hear through the sad wolves howlings The ghost of my former existence is my guide It will lead me to my hidden citadel Whose foundations were built by old bodies bones The way is crystal clear, for the secrets of the land resonate in my veins Here was the source, here is the call This path I have to follow  
3. In the Burial Mound (Interlude) 01:30
Blood boiling, recovering my name Coming back to the land, in a new body There is no death for the honorable  
4. Yore Resonating 05:59
 In the burial mound, ceremoniously
Alone, but guided by blood
I remember my past memories

In the stone cold labyrinth
On the honorable's steps
To resurrection, I'm circulating in the hall of the fallen ones

I am taking back my former belongings
And by a sacred contact, I recover an ancient knowledge
Deeply buried in a millenary blood

I hear the call
I hear the call
I hear the call of my forebears

Blood boiling, recovering my name
Coming back to the land in a new body

After the ritual
Out of the mound
From the ancient cave
Where I'm buried and resurrected
5. Heralds of the Sun 07:39
Drops of sacred tears lost in the river of time
It is but a stream of conscious sorrow
For our eyes are burnt by the glow of a divine star
Which offered us life in a splendid land
Among the ancient trees, and the honorable's burial haven

As the armies of a luminous eye
As a light in darkness
As a prayer in a silent obscurity
The beams of our faithful chants will dwell, forever, in eternity

We are the heralds of the sun
We sing the beauty of our land
And as incarnated deities, with soldiers' eyes
We engrave this ode to the all-mighty being

We are the heralds of the all-mighty Belus, incarnated on this earth
in the white shining land of snow, illuminated, by the spirit of the ancient ways

We are the heralds of the sun
6. The Descendant's Revival 11:24
Across the living, vast plains of fertile soil Across the warm winds, clothed with whispers of gods I'm walking, searching for my haven There I desist, stopped by a monument A gigantic fresco stands before me It still contains a long past breath It still whispers the words of my forebears By this mountain sight The drops of my tears will feed the seeds Left by those who once carried my blood And unfold the secret path Alone, I enter the realm of the gods Trusting the memories carved in my soul I feel at home, in this mysterious maze Physically, the past is seizing my body I hear the abyssal call and my past self reaching me out Surrounded by the ghosts of yore I hear their breath, their deeds and souls I see their shadows, casted by our common Sun I can not go any further The door is locked, and a key is needed There is one soul, for one body And no body can swim across the river of time A key is hidden in the eternal sleep As night cloaks the world in impenetrable darkness, I enter this journey The Star was revealed in obscurity I'm seizing it by my last breath My eyelids rise up heavily I'm sitting by a warm and peaceful fire My forebears no longer whisper, for they stand by my side. 

It´s 15 years since we released our first recording, from the purest innocence and unconsciousness of what we realized later that this already moribund way of life called Black Metal turned into. Times of pure magic and ingenuousness that nowadays resound as echoes in abysses already forgotten by many. I feel nostalgia of these old times since although all of us changed I yearn for that life which took me to be part of this movement. A movement that made sense all our feelings that all those youngsters cherished, that we saw it as a way to express our most terrible and despairing feelings, our alienation of life, our understanding that all this was a much more than mere rock´n roll, party, fame… All this remain buried under a mantle of disgust and nausea that many bands created when they changed the flutter of the black banner for one circle that has to do with ridiculous musicians´ egos. Belonging to misfortune feelings, the searching of the own solitude, that being of Black Metal as something felt from inside not for outside, those souls that are happier near the drama than near the fame… I still remember the sprit that made us to create those epic atmospheres. I am still standing here as a herald of negativity. I know many of you have stayed behind but I know that we still stay a few that after attending that false myths fell; we still keep on the black legacy. I still go on while you rot little by little… Although we are few those who are reading this keep me to raise the black flag in the sky.

Drizzt "Sarnad"
This work shows the early times of the band. The black hearts and the youth marked the path of the band above the skills with their instruments.Being coetaneous of its time, It had influences of the early bands of the early 90´s with touches from Norwegian, Swedish, Austrian and Polish sounds, including acoustic guitar passages which gave the album a more atmospheric touch than the later works of the band. It was recorded in a half-professional with quite few means.“Eternal Cycle Of Decay” emanates coldness and nostalgia from all its songs.Laying the foundations of the band´s later sound. With songs such as “Spheres Of Blood” or “Chaotic Days Of Doom Desolation” or “A Whore´s Whim” (a tribute to Jack The Ripper), are today classics of the band. The drummer of this demo only rehearsed for just 1 month before the recordings since not long ago a line-up change happened. Singer Maligner was out of the band so Drizzt and Vanth took charge of the vocals during the first tour over Spain which finished with a concert with Immortal in Madrid. The Collage inside is a homage to all those persons who supported us during that tour. Friends and comrades who helped to forge the roots of the band. I can be found newspaper fragments featuring some events happened during the tour, such as some churches burning in Spain and graveyard desecrations chanting “I spit on your beliefs”.The band gained attention because at the beginning of their concerts a statue of a virgin was destroyed with a double axe. These and other moments are the ones which those devotees of the old and true feeling of the cursed ones treasure. Always we are here, the black flame will burn in the skies forever!! Black Metal Resistance!!

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