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Origen: Noruega, Ski
Formados: 1984
Estilo: Black
Temática: Filosofía, guerra, misantropía y oscuridad
  • Attila Csihar Voces
  • Ghul Guitarra
  • Hellhammer Batería
  • Necrobutcher Bajo
  • Teloch Guitarra

  • Pure Fucking Armageddon Demo 1986
  • Deathrehearsal Demo 1987
  • Deathcrush Demo 1987
  • Deathcrush EP 1987
  • Studio Tracks Demo 1990
  • Live in Leipzig Directo 1993
  • De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas CD 1994
  • The Dawn of the Black Hearts - Live in Sarpsborg, Norway 28/2, 1990 Directo 1995
  • Freezing Moon Single 1996
  • Out from the Dark Recopilatorio 1996
  • Ancient Skin / Necrolust  Single 1997
  • Wolf's Lair Abyss EP 1997
  • Live in Bischofswerda Directo 1998
  • Necrolust / Total Warfare Split 1999
  • Mediolanum Capta Est Directo 1999
  • Grand Declaration of War CD 2000
  • U.S. Legions Recopilatorio 2001
  • Live in Marseille 2000 Directo 2001
  • European Legions: Live in Marseille 2000 Directo 2001
  • European Legions Recopilatorio 2001
  • The Studio Experience Recopilatorio 2002  
  • Jihad / Freezing Moon Split 2002
  • Legions of War Recopilatorio 2003
  • Cult of Aggression Video 2004  
  • Chimera CD 2004
  • Ordo ad Chao CD 2007
  • Life Eternal EP 2008
  • Pure Fucking Mayhem Video 2008
  • Psywar Single 2014  
  • Grand Declaration of War / European Legions Recopilatorio 2014  
  • Esoteric Warfare CD 2014
  • A Season in Blasphemy Recopilatorio  2015  
  • Live in Zeitz Directo 2016
  • The Analog Collection Recopilatorio 2016  
  • De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive Directo 2016
  • Live in Sarpsborg Directo 2017
  • Live in Jessheim Directo 2017
  • Cursed in Eternity Recopilatorio 2018
  • Live in Montreal Directo 2018
  • A Season in Blasphemy 2018 Recopilatorio 2018
  • Worthless Abominations Destroyed Single 2019  
  • Of Worms and Ruins Single 2019  
  • Henhouse Recordings Recopilatorio 2019  
  • Daemon CD 2019
  • Black Glass Communion Single 2019  
  • Voces ab Alta Single 2021  
  • Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando EP 2021
  • Bad Blood Single 2022
Está bien que Myahem poco a poco vaya poniendo en orden en sus diferentes ediciones como en el caso que nos ocupa. Está grabación pertenece a la gira de 1990 que los llevó también por Jessheim, Sarpsborg, Zeitz, Leipzig, e Izmir y que de una manera u otra han ido saliendo a la luz de forma progresiva ,en diferentes formatos y de dudosa oficialidad que por otro lado consigue dársela esta edición por parte de Peaceville. Por lo tanto tenemos un álbum grabado en directo en el año 1990 con unos Mayhem que contaban por aquel entonces con su formación más clásica, Dead se suicidará un poco más adelante y Euronymous todavía no había sido asesinado. El sonido de la grabación no es todo lo nítida que podía esperar cualquier seguidor de Mayhem, sin embargo eso queda rápidamente olivado gracias al ambiente que ha conseguido captar la grabación en directo en la sala. Desde el inicio nos vemos engullidos por el ambiente sudoroso y cargado del público en la sala que muchas veces también cobra protagonismo como parte de esta peculiar grabación al interactuar en los temas. En cuanto al sonido de Mayhem en este directo, ya comentaba anteriormente que es bastante sucio, pero aún así el oyente puede apreciar momentos muy buenos en temas como "Funeral Fog" o "Pagan Fears" que por así decirlo es el tema que difiere un poco del repertorio más clásico pero que por otro lado nos ofrece unas buenas partes de guitarras. El sonido en general trasmite odio, muerte, podredumbre gracias sobre todo a la voz de mítico "Dead", refrendada por el resto de componentes que dejaron para la posteridad un un apestoso y repugnante vómito en forma de concierto. (8,4).

Cara A
1. Deathcrush 03:50
 Demonic laughter your cremation
Your lungs gasp for air but are filled with blood
A sudden crack as I crushed your skull

The remind of your life flashes by
A life that soon won't be
Smiling with axe in my hand
Evil's rotten hand you'll see

I come forward

I'll send you to your maker
I'll send you to your death

Death nicely crucified
Death, heads on stakes

The barbeque has just begun
Deathcrush - Deathcrush - Deathcrush

Crush - Crush
2. Necrolust 03:28
 Your stinking corpse I desire
nothing can take me higher
Fucking you till your bones break
Another one has to die

Cum dripping from my dick
Fucking you to the core
Can't take this anymore
My brain is driving me insane


Eating the flesh of a thousand corpses
Bloodsucking cuntless nuns
her guts were boiling out of her butt
Eating her slimey cunt as I hold her tits

Come posercorpse and die again! 
3. Funeral Fog 05:55
  Every time this year
This dark fog will appear
Up from the tombs it comes
To take one more life that can be near
In the middle of Transylvania
All natural life has for a long time ago gone
It's thin and so beautiful
But also so dark and mysterious

Once again the priest is messing
May the god bless us all
The fog is here again
That will complete this funeral

From a place empty of life
Only dead trees are growing here
As it comes from afar
Only dead trees are growing here...

Funeral fog...Funeral fog...Funeral fog...Funeral fog
4. The Freezing Moon 06:20
Everything here is so cold
Everything here is so dark
I remember it as from a dream
In the corner of this time

Diabolic shapes float by
Out from the dark
I remember it was here I died
By following the freezing moon..

It's night again
Night you beautiful
I please my hunger
On living humans
Night of hunger
Follow it's call
Follow the freezing moon..

Darkness is growing
Eternity opens
The cemetery lights up again
As in ancient times
Fallen souls die behind my steps
By following the freezing moon..
Cara B
5. Carnage 04:06
 Witchcraft, blood and Satan
Meet the face of Death
Witchcraft, blood and Satan
Meet the face of Death
Winds of war, winds of hate
Armageddon, tales from Hell
The wage of mayhem, the wage of sin
Come and hear, Lucifer sings
Command for blood, command for war
Command for Satan, command for Hell
Command for blood, command for war
Command for Satan, command for Hell
Command for blood
Command for Satan
Command for you
6. Buried by Time and Dust 04:54
   Visions of that no mornings
light ever will come. I'm to old now.
The dark is so near, will I ever reach the land beyond
This is where we go when we have to die.
I've been old since the birth of time.Time buried me in earth
centuries ago, I tasted blood.
Buried by time and dust.
Many years has pasted since the funeral.
Missing the blood of human throats
so many years, ages ago.
I must await, feel my bodies stench.
Wanderings out of space.
Wandering out of time.
A world out of light, death at the end.
Only silence can be heard, silence of peoples tears.
No one knows my grave.
Buried by time and dust.
7. Chainsaw Gutsfuck 04:16
  Bleed down to the fucking core
You're going down for fucking more
Screw your slimy guts
Driving me fucking nuts!

Chainsaw in my bleeding hands
As I start to cut you in two
Your guts are steaming out
And I just love the sight!

Maggots crawling in her cunt
I just love to lick that shit
Bury you in a slimy grave
You will rot forever there!
8. Pagan Fears 06:12
The bloody history from the past deceased humans now forgotten. An age of legends and fear a time now so discant. Less numbered as they were their lives so primitive and pagan superstitions were a part of the life so unprotected in the dark nights Pagan fears. The past is alive. The past is alive. Woeful people with pale faces staring obsessed at the moon some memories will never go away and they will forever be here. 

KAIADAS - And the Battles Will Start Again - 12" LP

Released 2014

Single-sided 12" LP with lyric sheet and personal note, of Kaiadas, from behind bars. Limited to 250 copies.
1. And the Battles Will Start Again 
2. She Was a Glittered Witch 
3. A Dark Hellenic Storm
4. Winterwar Memorial


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