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Origen: Grecia, Ioannina
Formados: 1988
Estilo: Black
Temática: Demonio, horror, leyendas, misterios y mitos
Enlaces: FacebookmyspaceVarathron y youtube
  • Achilleas C. Guitarra
  • Haris Batería
  • Sotiris Guitarra
  • Stefan Necroabyssious Voces
  • Stratos Kountouras Bajo
  • Procreation of the Unaltered Evil Demo 1989  
  • Genesis of Apocryphal Desire Demo 1990  
  • One Step Beyond Dreams EP 1991
  • The Black Arts / The Everlasting Sins Split 1992  
  • His Majesty at the Swamp CD 1993
  • Walpurgisnacht CD 1995
  • Sarmutius Pegorus Demo 1997  
  • Genesis of Apocryphal Desire Recopilatorio 1997
  • The Lament of Gods EP 1999
  • Varathron 1989/1991 Recopilatorio 2004  
  • Walpurgisnacht / His Majesty at the Swamp / The Lament of Gods Recopilatorio 2004  
  • Live at the Swamp Demo 2004  
  • Crowsreign CD 2004
  • Stygian Forces of Scorn CD 2009
  • Darkness Has Landed Split 2009
  • Genesis of the Unaltered Evil Recopilatorio 2012  
  • Emissaries of the Darkened Call - Three Nails in the Coffin of Humanity Split 2012  
  • Old Demons Rise Split 2014  
  • Untrodden Corridors of Hades CD 2014
  • The Confessional of the Black Penitents EP 2015
  • Patriarchs of Evil CD 2018
  • Archegonic Abysmal Dominion Recopilatorio 2018
  • Duality of the Unholy Existence Split 2019
  • Glorification Under the Latin Moon Directo 2020
  • Emissaries of the Darkened Call Recopilatorio 2021
  • The Demo Collection Recopilatorio 2022
  • Apocalyptic Mysticism Split 2022
  • The Crimson Temple CD 2023
Pocas bandas se me antojan más representativas del metal heleno en su vertiente más black como los ya veteranos Varathron, bandas que a lo largo de dos décadas y media vienen manteniendo intacto su prestigio y estatus, siendo cada nuevo lanzamiento una ocasión para que el oyente pueda volver a disfrutar de la mejor tradición de black griego. Este nuevo álbum vuelve a ofrecer un black de corte clásico en cuanto a sonido, temas en líneas generales contundentes, construidos sobre riffs de guitarra que poco a poco van perdiendo un cierto componente melódico para adentrarse en otras más agresivos en donde el thrash y el death van conviviendo, las voces de Stefan se antojan imprescindibles dentro del concepto de la música de Varathron, de clara orientación agresiva y casi que brutal, contando en esta ocasión también con un buen apartado de batería que logra mayor contundencia en el resultado final, imprimiendo un aire casi que marcial en ciertas partes. Todo ello combinado con una ambientación propia de la mitología griega, en forma de algunos coros y sobre todo por la atmósfera oscura y misteriosa de todo el álbum, gracias a la extensión de los temas que permite incorporar ciertos arreglos. Otro álbum que mantiene el prestigio de Varathron en lo más alto. (8,3).

1. Kabalistic Invocation of Solomon 08:43
Powers of the kingdom Be ye under my left foot And in my right hand! Glory and eternity Take me by the two shoulders And direct me in the paths of victory Mercy and justice Be ye the equilibrium And splendour of my life! Intelligence and wisdom Crown me! Spirits of Malkuth! Spirits of Malkuth! Lead me betwixt the two pillars Upon which rests the whole edifice of the temple! Angels of Netsah and Hod Establish me upon the cubic stone of Yesod! O Gedulael! O Geburael! O Tiphereth! Binael, be ye my love! Ruach Hochmael, be thou my light! Be that which thou are And thou shalt be O Ketheriel! Ishim Assist me in the name of Shaddai! Cherubim, be my strength In the name of Adonai! Beni-Elohim be my brethren In the name of the son And by the powers of Zebaoth! Eloim, do battle for me In the name of Tetragrammaton! Melachim, protect me In the name of Yod He vau he! Seraphim, cleanse my love In the name of Elvoh! Hashmalim, enlighten me With the splendours of Eloi and Shekinah! Aralim, act! Ophanim Revolve and shine Haioth ha Kadosh Cry, speak, roar, bellow! Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Shaddai, Adonai, Jotchabah, Eiazereie! Hallelu-Jah, Hallelu-Jah, Hallelu-Jah, Amen!
2. Realm of Obscure 07:42
 The night has begun
Under most suspicious signs
The most enchanting show
Howling winds and racing rain!

The passing of time
Is different in our world
When you cross the threshold
You can still change your mind!

Just another victim
Of the dark lord's obscure designs!
Just a mysterious passage
To the wrath and merciless pain!

Balor the master of chaos
Emperor of total darkness!
Ruler of the fearful
Dominates the obscure dimensions!

Master of chaos
Total darkness
Dominates the obscure
Merciless pain

Bloody wounds
And hideous pain
A magnificent night
For a terrifying world

In the night of Samain
(he) secretly kidnaps humans
(far from the) endless battle
Sacrificed to the utter gods
Bloody and hideous pain
A horrible evil night!

Master of chaos
Total darkness
Dominates the obscure
Merciless pain

Thoughts and visions
Like a journey through time
Towards the absolute empire
Of Stygian darkness

Emperor of galaxy
Abysmal darkness
Realm of obscure
Apocryphal blasphemy!
3. Arcane Conjuring 06:27
Deathstence of merciless carnage Horrific malignance dominates "Come, ye children, listen to me! I will tech you the fear of the lord." [2x] Iao Setes Setes Iao Amprathax Kuraim Mizraeth Setes There came the fullness of time As the unholy testament Of the ancient prophecy Was written on the book of blood! [2x] Iao Setes Setes Iao Amprathax Kuraim Mizraeth Setes Spelling the ancient glory Into the endless future! Valleys of the desert Will call him! I was born from the womb of uttermost hate I remembered all my past lives I lived there that the human mind Doesn't want to imagine! In the cold moonless nights Then that all the ancient unholy gods Passing through the winds and the forgotten Shining kingdoms seem in the horizons! Voices, psalms, screams around To spelling those unholy words "Come, ye children, listen to me! I will tech you the fear of the lord." [2x] Iao Setes Setes Iao Amprathax Kuraim Mizraeth Setes 
4. Leprocious Lord 05:10
  Enter into ghastly and dismay paths!
Were forbidden dimensions deprecate past and future
Demons wrath gives you pleasure
Desire for every sordid existence cryptic macrocosm declared

Your mystical unholy existence
Where every animate entity worships you
Where blasphemy is the amatory
Echo of your name!
Echo of your name!

Leprocious lord
The pest unfold
Leprocious lord
Domiciled in nether world

Down there we shall extol
Your supernal and sullen visage
Down there we shall immolate
Our damned souls!

Leprocious lord
The pest unfold
Leprocious lord
Domiciled in nether world

Beaver of occult
And forgotten apocryphal desires!
Oh! Leprocious lord!
Drifting into distorted realms beyond the veil!
Leprocious lord!
5. The Bright Trapezium 06:45
Look the bright trapezium Reveals the window of space-time Look at it tracking its history From the time constructed In the dark Yuggoth Before the ancient ones bring it on Earth! Preserved by the people Kept by the reptiles of Valousia Pharaoh Nefrim-Ka Built around it, a secret temple A strange box With crinoidea of antarctic An obscure lustful Naos! Apocryphal treasure Eternal-infernal cult! Infernal ancient cult The bright trapezium Starts to seize my spirit Quaint derangement of mind I see things that never knew Other worlds, different galaxies Nightmares before my eyes Darkness! Lighting seems gloomy And darkness seems bright! Oh! Bright trapezium! [2x] Its strange power Has captured my spirit I am that and that is me Wanderings beyond dimensions Where the powers of darkness can prevail Where senses change into emptiness Oh! Bright trapezium! [2x] Recreating my thoughts Feeding my endless wrath Memories from the abyssic night Reflections beyond sidereal sights! The eternal flame of its blaze Encharm my spirit beyond thoughts Beyond life it depths of earth Outlying regions in the sphere of my imagination Super terrestrial abyssal chasms Prophetic terror, unholy silence Everlasting death-like silence!
6. Death Chant 05:51
  Death chant

Viewless essence, thin and bare
Well nigh melted into air
Still with fondness hovering near
The earthly form
Thou once didst wear

Pause upon thy pinion's flight
Be thy course to left or right
Be thou doomed to soar or sink
Pause upon the awful brink

Death chant [4x]

To avenge the deed expelling
Thee untimely from thy dwelling
Mystic force thou shalt retain
O'er the blood and o'er the brain

When the form thou shalt espy
That darken'd on thy closing eye
When the footstep thou shalt hear
That thrill'd upon thy dying ear

Then strange sympathies shall wake
The flesh shall thrill
The nerves shall quake
The wounds renew
Their clotter'd flood
And every drop cry blood for blood!

Death chant [7x]
7. Delve into the Past 08:35
 Beneath the dusky dreams
Profane thoughts
And sinister nightmares
Without sense sounds without echo!
I can see my tribe to collapse!

Searching answers through
The wisdom of the ancient sages
Through the immolations
Unto dismal gods!

Through the astral journeys
Over the unutterable
Principle of creation
Agony and wrath

Delve into the past [2x]

My soul travels on memories
And other lives, sudden escape
Looking for answers around
Of our cursed society's demise!

Profound knowledge through
The mystical experiences
Of warlocks in ancient times
Pain from the mournful cries

Suffering from the lament
Of thousand innocents
Through the blood rest battles
So many infernal wars!

Redemption, through the scriptures
Of holy and arcane books
Which have never seen the sunlight
For centuries

Buried within dark catacombs
Where time gets deformed
And converging with
The infinity unknown
Where cries sound
Like an ultimate silence
In everlasting infinite
And boundless space

Through the sacred steel
Lasting out at battlefields
Against the warriors
And rearing the flesh
While giving heads of cadavers
And an overwhelming pleasure to his master!
Darkness is my domain
My wretched abyss!

I live there, I always be there
I shall be searching for answers
My glorious tribe
There I was born
In unspeakable devastation
And absurd thoughts!

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