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Origen: E.E.U.U, Cleveland.
Formados: 2003
Estilo: Black, death.
Temática: Blasfemia, infierno, metal. satan y sexo
Enlaces: Facebook y Midnight
  • Athenar Bajo, guitarra y voces

  • Midnight Demo 2003  
  • White Hot Fire EP 2004  
  • Outbreak of Evil Vol. 2 Split 2005  
  • Complete and Total Fucking Midnight Recopilatorio 2005
  • Violates You Live! Directo 2007  
  • Slay the Spits EP 2007  
  • Farewell to Hell EP 2008
  • Berlin Is Burning Recopilatorio 2009  
  • Tejano Tour March 6-7 2010 Split 2010  
  • Farewell to Metal Slut Split 2010
  • Japanese Benefit Split 2011  
  • Satanic Royalty CD 2011
  • Satanic Royalty Demos Demo 2012  
  • Complete and Total Hell  Recopilatorio 2012
  • Alive on the Streets of Cleveland Direto 2013  
  • USA Violates Australia 2013 EP 2013  
  • Too Loud (for the Crowd) Single 2014  
  • No Mercy for Mayhem CD 2014
  • No Mercy For Mayhem Demos Recopilatorio 2015
  • Hells Headbash Split video 2015 Midnight / Shitfucker Split 2015
  • Black Mold Split video 2016 Shox of Violence EP 2016 Shox of Violence Recopilatorio 2017
  • I Don't Need Society Single 2017 Sweet Death and Ecstasy CD 2017
  • Professor Black + Midnight Split 2018
  • Rebirth by Blasphemy Single 2019
  • Rebirth by Blasphemy CD 2020
  • Rehearsal Vomits Directo 2021  
  • Let There Be Witchery CD 2022
  • Haunting The Masonic Directo 2023
  • Burning the Midnight Oil Split 2023  
  • Maximum Metal Vol. 284 Split 2024  
  • Hellish Expectations CD 2024
Segundo larga duración en la ya extensa carrera de los de Cleveland que desde sus inicios han optado por un black metal crudo y primitivo al cual han añadido algunas dosis de speed. 36 minutos para once temas que son similares entre si pero que en conjunto forman un entidad solida de sonido sucio y primitivo. Bandas como Motorhead, Venom, Bathory o los seminales Metallica están a la orden del día a la hora de describir las influencias de la música de Midnight. Riffs sencillos y una formula ya repetida en otras ocasiones pero que no se desgasta en la propuesta de Midnight que ha logrado ofrecer unos buenos riffs pero que se ven envueltos en la distorsión de la fórmula, que aporta credibilidad al resultado final, optando también por no imprimir una velocidad excesiva sino que logran un atmósfera más punk y sucia, no exenta de técnica pero sin ser abrumadora. A día de hoy Toxic Holocaust serían una buen reflejo de lo ofrecido aquí, pero Midnight se muestra más crudo y comedidos en cuanto a velocidad, sin pulir del todo y aunque se ha avanzado algo en el apartado de la producción, la crudeza sigue intacta. (8,3)

1. The Mercy Curse 00:44  instrumental
2. Evil like a Knife 03:09
  Heathen possessed cursed from birth
Mark of the beast engraved cross will turn
No laws of light shall be obeyed
Demonic pits were summoned priests were chained
Evil x3 like a knife
Baptized in vomit straight from the ram
Drink all the blood that's given from your hand
Lessons of holy fully denied
A lethal dose of blasphemy were mine
Evil x3 like a knife
Your sole creation of wickedness
Born to burn and defile your holiness
The gates of hell are open wide
Bursting out with vengeance souls collide
3. Prowling Leather 03:36
Streets of disease land of decay Poisoning veins no help to pray Fall down to your graves Darklord imperial slaves Your search for satin will be of little use Nowhere to go but down Give me your flesh cut straight from the bone Soon it'll be my crown Prowling leather Demon of dark angel of black Pure hatred burns start your attack 
4. No Mercy for Mayhem 03:22
Your eyes have seen beyond holy darkness No lies can stop the fate that's upon us Rise, demons rise bring forth your black curse No mercy for mayhem - no mercy for the dead Hell's finally here Mass graves and powers from hell we demand Bloodstains are given upon his command Fall from the sky your lord of no worth Rise, Satan rise bring forth your black curse 
5. The Final Rape of Night 03:21
The golden walls of heaven are now black And soon to fall Angels in white unwillfully stained Desecrate them all Ow! Last attack, your prayers won't come true Don't turn your back one more then I'm through The final rape of night no more hell to give No one left to live, never to be missed Final rape final rape The final rape of night Your tears of jizz don't impress at all And never will Your cries for god now long forgot So just lie there still No sympathy, remorse or regrets None to be had Devastating violating penetration With more to spread  
6. Degradation 02:30
Pure rotten noise falls from your tongue Spew out your wickedness this battle can't be won Alright, we are close to hell, give me more of hell We have been through hell Aaarrrrgggghhh degradation Sworn to the oath of endless abuse Sliced up nothing remains your evil has let loose Locked up in lust chained down in dirt Nothing left to destroy my soul has been cursed  
7. Woman of Flame 04:13
She's wrapped up in leather with all it can stand Service me none better or feel the wrath of my hand Devil's whip it starts to crack and I hear the sound of torment Rising heat fills my blood I've came and went, she's ready again Woman of flame she starts to burn, sadistic wench With powers of darkness and hell on her side Lady master of these chains you'll be Lucifer's bride 
8. Try Suicide 03:56
Virginal death the grave is waiting for you Live without sin no way you'll get in To hell we all knew Your heart is weak but still you survive Reach for the blade and give it a try Try suicide The wings you see will be all shades of white Hell doesn't want you it never will Keep running to your light Your heart is weak but still you live Hold out your hand a razor I'll give Try suicide Die of disease that's no way you should go Take your own life some pills or a knife Make it fast never slow 
9. Whiplash Disaster 04:16
Charging into destruction With help from Hades Sacrificing seduction For violence and tragedy Led into trash Crawl out from doom Bang hard for you Slashing demonic assault Whiplash disaster Slaughtered till you're senseless Commands are carried out We'll leave you defenseless Chosen ones will be hellbound Raising the dead for one last rite Shouting deathyells are hellish tonight Hell is tonight Forced to end in all chaos Sabotaged ritual There was no one to slay us Dragged down into hell 
10. Aggressive Crucifixion 03:34
Dying slowly dying The pain is growing more and more Helpless to disease Nails in deep nails in deep Driven to hell The blood starts to spill, fall Driven to hell The cries are so shrill To lord won't hear your call Aggressive crucifixion Blood on the cross blood on the cross Rotting flesh is rotting Scream in pain it does no good Pounding eternal dread Nails in deep nails in deep   
11. Destroy Tsunami's Power 03:20
The Earth cracks in the sea Satan to rise up from below Destruction of all mankind apocalypse begins to show The waters run red the cities ignite disaster has been done There's one way to live we must destroy the battle will be won Destroy tsunami's power Poison floats in the sky terror awaits for those who fear Warriors of the rising sun your orders now are clear The metal survives the legions align we are one nation There's one way to live we must destroy this battle will be won Destroy tsunami's power Destroy nuclear power  

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