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1. Hegemone born in 2010, why did you decide to create the band and why did you choose this name?
Kacper: Few years before Hegemone was created, Tomek (our drummer) and I were playing in thrash metal band called Decease. While we've played there, we were looking for some other sounds and styles, so we've begun to jam after Decease's rehearsals and this resulted in some new songs constructions. Then we’ve decided to make a project in which we could develop those ideas. But about the name, I recommend to check out what it means, read other interviews, and in finally listen to "Luminosity”.
Marcin: and read the lyrics. I would place reading other interviews on the last position not to ruin/alter new listener’s views.

2. In 2014 edit your first job, to start a full album "Luminosity", how was the process of writing and recording the album? How is your way of working on the composition of the songs?
K: Composing was simple. We've met each other as a good contributors and friends, so it was quite easy. We've done a lot of jamming, composing, etc.  And that way we've made this album. Writing music and giving into it our emotions was the best we have taken.

3. The sound started to "Luminosity" has a strong component of post metal but is enriched with black parts and sludge, How do you define the sound of the band to someone you have not yet heard? What song Luminosity consider the most interesting and why?
K: It's a difficult question of course. This music is just like the people who have created it (us) so... it's difficult to describe ourselves. But if I must "tag" it, I'll choose black, post-metal, psychedelic.... 
M: Psychedelic/Experimental music…

4. As far as musical influences we could talk about Isis or Pelican by vuetra shed more post-metal, but I guess it will have more, what are your main musical influences and how are reflected in your music?
K: just everything.... You know, when I've answered the first question I've listened to Aborted, but now O'm listening to Ulcerate... No! wait... it's DJ Shadow right now...
M: for me it’s 80/90 BM (Celtic Frost – especially 2006 “Monotheist” album), Early Neurosis (Souls at Zero). But I also love prog sounds (Rush, Anathema…). Ambient like “Stars of the Lid”

5. What topics you treat in your letter and why you consider important to talk about it?
M: I don’t want to talk about full meaning. In a short: ones changes and how they become inner luminosity…

6. Another important aspect that transcends your music is the importances that have the instrumental parts, long developments that recreate saddest moments and atmospheres of loneliness, how important are for you the instrumental parts?
Marcin: Melody must interact with lyrics. Luminosity’s lyrics, music and cover art are one solid part and must be interpreted only in this combination. Loneliness? I would say that regarding the lyrics ;)
I can’t go deeper into that as then I would need to talk about the entire theme which I don’t want to..

7. What is being received by the public at your concerts?
K: It's different each time. Our last concert was just brilliant! People were standing, watching, not talking, just listening. And this is what we expect from crowd: focus.

8. Are you satisfied with the impact it has had the album by the specialized media?
K: Yeah, we didn't expect that feedback would be that positive.
M: It was quite a warm welcome…

9. Still have not been interested in any seal edition of "Luminosity" or otherwise prefer this system of sale where you have full control?
K: I dont't know. It was first album.... Another time MAYBE it will be different.

10. Who designed the album cover? A referred as it relates to the content of the album?
Marcin: Maja Kasztelan (long-time band friend). She took our ideas and put them into one piece. O yes, it does strongly related to the album’s concept and lyrics..

11. What future plans do you have for the band about upcoming releases and concerts?
K: We're going to do a small tour in Poland in March 2015. Out next step will be a split album with one of our favorite bands - Challenger Deep from Belarus.

 12. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Hegemone, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
K: ??? xD
M: feels good…

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