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1. Thou Art Lord was born around 1993 and at that original lineup included members of Rotting Christ and Necromantia. What led you to join the group? Why musicians bands were part of "relative" success embarked on this new project?

-Thou Art Lord was always a project band where we played the music we love to listen to. We do not focus on artistic creativity. We simply unleash the dark of our souls and we channel our passion for black/death metal through it. Of course the success of our main band helped to spread the name but in the end it is the music who gained the fans!

2. What can you tell us these twenty year career in the aspect of evolution of the band's music? What do you remember as the best moments as a band, and instead what were the worst?

-There were never worst times in Thou Art Lord...well maybe some mistakes musically.....but still no bad times.The best time was when we got in our hands our first 7" Ep "Diabolou archaes legeones". It was really exciting to get our first release on vinyl!

3. The group has suffered a couple of "stoppages", one in 1996 after the publication of "Apollyon" and the other in 2005 after editing "Orgia Daemonicum" you meant? Both times terminate Thou Art Lord? Why are these stoppages and that I pushed the group back on track?

-We are always a project band. We may release another album next year or in 5 years from now. When we find time and we are in the mood , we regroup and unleash dark music!

4. How was the writing process of this "The Regal Press of Lucifer"? How do you work in the studio? How has been the integration of the new members, who have provided the set of the band's music?

-El (guitar) did most of the works musically under theu guidance and intuition of me and Necromayhem. He was working the demos at home and we were exchanging ideas and opinions all the way. In the studio it was pretty quick because we already knew what we want. Gothmog is an old time member and our new drummer did an excellent job

5. What reason ye in your early to want to be musicians? Are they still today these reasons still valid? What are your sources d inspiration?

-The music and the lyrics source from the darkest corners of our inner selves and they are expressions of art, violence and darkness. We like a lot kinds of music but we live for metal!

6. What can you tell us of the original Hellenic black metal scene as members of Necromantia and Rotting Christ? What memories do you have of that time? How has the scene? What you think of the black metal scene, not only at Greece but as a whole today?

-Back in the 90's things were more true and honest. Bands were trying to create their own sound and identity. everybody knew each other and we were doing our best to promote the scene. Nowadays few bands create original music anymore....

7. What kind of musical equipment and tools you use in the studio, and live them?

-Standard and average things . we do not care about technical perfection and sound excellence. as long as the real feeling is there everything is good!

8. Five fundamental cds in black metal.

-First 3 BATHORY albums, first 2 MERCYFUL FATE albums, first 3 CELTIC FROST, first 3 VENOM. That is all

9. Let's talk about Nuclear War Now! Productions, How did the contract? Are you happy with the treatment received and will extend this relationship story? Do you plan at some point re-edit your first editions, Ep, demo and Split?

-So far we are ok. We have are differences (mainly artistic) but we get along well. The contract was also pretty ok, nothing spectacular but it covered all the basics. NWN has a very good underground established name that is why we chose to work with them.

10. Who is designing the album cover? How does the letters and topics you treat them?

-The stunning artwork is of mr Manuel Tinnemans. I gave him the idea of a royal figure of Lucifer and he came up with this masterpiece. This Lucifer is closer to my idea of him: a mix of Satan, Zeus and Odin. Plus the cover has an old school SLAYER feeling....

11. Are you satisfied by the impact it has had this "The Regal Press of Lucifer", both media and public acceptance? What next steps can expect your followers about concerts, new material, etc. ...?

-So far people love the new album. It is powerful and old school without sounding cheesy...a small Greek tour will happen in autumn and maybe a couple of shows in Europe

12. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Thou Art Lord, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

-Listen to the regal pulse of Lucifer pounding within you!

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