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Good afternoon, how about all of Moscow, thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.

Hello, Moscow is full of parasites. 

1. Arround the group is a bit of misinformation, I do not know if there is any reason for it, such as the fact that people want to focus only on your music and not be distracted by other things, but I'd like to ask something regarding the band. When was the group formed? Who are the musicians involved in the project? Is there a relationship between Kostnitsa and Funeral Poetry?

Nightsblood: the only reason that we don't give any useless info about the band is that we don't care. Kostnitsa appears all on it's own and we don't even know when, because it is another side of our "metal" activity.
Current Kostnitsa lineup: Nightsblood - vocal, Taken - Guitar, Drums.
Funeral Poetry was our first metal band (1999-2001) and all Kostnitsa members forms another band Totenwolf.

2. How was the writing process of this Temple Pestis? 

Nightsblood: We start rehearse at the end of 2009. The process was very lingering because we can have only one day a week for music. We always change things, some material was rejected. One day drummer left the band. So when we record Taken was on drums.
Taken: I remember that some tracks was done quite fast, we combined some of Nightsblood and my ideas. Then when i doing arrangements i wanted to reach the most thick sound of 3 instruments, thats why i use bass solos played on a higher notes. Also i was trying to weave all instruments together as much as possible. I am quite satisfied with the results with arrangements, but not with the quality of the record.

3 What are your main influences when composing?

Nightsblood: Atmosphere of plague, freeze of death, gloom of grief, lifeless  solitude.
Taken: don't know about the influences but at the time of writing i was listen a lot of Pest, Xasthur, Nortt.

4. I believe that Russia today has an interesting emerging within the black scene, how were your beginnings in the black?, What are you listening to lately? Do you have contact with other Russian bands of the scene?

Nightsblood: We are not a part of the scene and have no relationships with anyone. But i can name some bands that i am listen to: Evangelivm, Blackdeath, Rundagor, Branikald, Forest, Fullmoon Rise, Old Wainds, Навь, Psalm 666, Stielas Storhett, Ithdabquth Qliphoth, Meti Bhuvah, Lashblood, Deathmoor, Taniniver. Also i sad earlier about Funeral Poetry and Totenwolf.
Taken: I try to keep a distance from the people involved in Black Metal in Russia in terms of personal communication. Mostly because all these people do not match my expectations.

5. Who is the cover design and the relationship can be found with respect to the music in Temple Pestis?

Nightsblood: I have an idea to combine canvases of Hans'а Holbein'а and Paul'а Fürsts, but to make it looks homogeneously i paint it by myself. The theme of the album is the triumph of death. Kostnitsa is a Temple of Plague, Temple Pestis.

6. For someone who has not yet been approached your music could be said to have certain similarities with the first Katatonia or Wallachia, Would this one correct statement? 

Nightsblood: You can compare our music with whoever you like. I am a big fan of early Katatonia, so for me this is a compliment. This is the first time i hear about Wallachia.

7 What other groups could cite as influences?

Nightsblood: Mayhem, Burzum, Darkthrone, Infernum, Tiamat, Katatonia, Bethlehem are the main for me.
Taken: early Katatonia, Bethlehem, early Anathema, some of Funeral doom bands.

8. Your music moves between black and doom, conveying a sense of sadness and melancholy, what topics you treat in your letters and that motivates you the time of writing?

Nightsblood: Our lyrics does not mean anything. It is just the fragments of gloomy thoughts, representation of death of mankind, and suicide. I think that if lyrics conveys the message it is contradicts the nature of Black metal.
Taken: Nightsblood is responsible for the lyrics in Kostnitsa, but i personaly prefer to listen and make instrumental music without vocals and as a consequence without lyrics.

9. Temple Pestis has been edited by BDTO, sublabel of Daemon Worship Productions, how you decide to use a stamp and not desktop publishing, for example? Will you still be linked to them in subsequent editions?

Nightsblood: BDTO is not a DWP sublabel, it is our own sign for releasing Totenwolf and Kostnitsa. I personally acquainted with DWP owner, and he helped us to make a CD release. Also we have some of our albums in iTunes and Bandcamp. Mordgrimm is plan to release Totenwolf. We do not want to release ourselves anymore, it is better when it gets done by the people who specialized in that.
Taken: I am generally against CD's, so i do not buy them for a long time. I prefers to listen everything in a digital format. Kostnitsa release and BDTO is a involuntary action for me. It's Nightsblood's initiative. Also i feel annoying about these labels that always busy.  We just can't find anyone to release Kostnitsa, so we decide to make it by ourselves.

10. People become musicians for a variety of reasons. What are the factors that originally inspired to play music? Are you playing for the same reasons today than when you started?

Nightsblood: It that time there was nothing but the metal for me. And i don't wanted to be just a listener. There was a lot of disappointments, but not everything is gone. Atmosphere is not the same these days.
Taken: I start to make music almost immediately after i start to listen to my first metal bands. I never stop doing music from that time. So the reasons is a strange question for me. I can't answer it even for myself.

11. What next steps will Kostnitsa, regarding concerts, new material, etc.

Nightsblood: We have no musicians for concerts. It is hard for us to find people that match.
Taken: We already have recorded tracks for a mini album and a also we have all songs unfinished for our second album. Don't know if it will be finished or not, will see.

12. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Kostnitsa, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Nightsblood: I would like to thank those who are able to appreciate our music and all the people who make a Review for our albums.


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