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Origen: Grecia, Atenas

Formados: 1999

Estilo: Black

Temática: Espiritualismo, gnosticismo, ocultismo y satanismo anti cósmico

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  • Semjaza Bajo, guitarras y mantras
  • The A Voces

  • Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs CD 2012
  • Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet CD 2014
  • Leytmotif Luzifer (The 7 Temptations of Man) / Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet Split 2016  
  • Abigor / Nightbringer / Thy Darkened Shade / Mortuus Split 2017
  • SAATET - TA APEP Split 2017  
  • SamaeLilith: A Conjunction of the Fireborn Split 2021
  • Liber Lvcifer II: Mahapralaya CD 2023
Thy Darkened Shade son los encargados de aportar los cuatro primeros temas de este compartido, un compartido que se muestra casi que mastodóntico en cuanto a duración pero que no desentona en cuanto a calidad dentro de lo que podemos considerar como underground dentro de la escena. Thy Darkened Shade muestra su potencial y rasgos característicos de su sonido desde el comienzo. Un sonido que se abre con un toque muy underground y ocultista repleto de pasajes hablados y fraseados encaminados a crear un ambiente de terror y frialdad. Cuando hacen acto de aparición el grueso de la instrumentación el oyente puede apreciar un regusto a sonido heleno mezclado con elementos de segunda ola de black metal nórdico sin descuidar aspectos como la épica y por que no cierta melodía enterrada en las profundidades del sonido gracias al uso en segundo plano de sintetizadores que a lo largo de los temas van alternando mayor o menor protagonismo. Sin embargo hay un aspecto del sonido de Thy Darkened Shade que se muestra siempre presente y no es otro que el plano ocultista de su música, presente tanto en elementos de su música que sin llegar a ser complejos si que llegan a ofrecer un ambienta asfixiante, las voces tampoco pasan por alto ofrecer diferentes aspectos desde unos más agresivos y heladores hasta esos fraseados que casi que nos dejan descolocados pero que saben cubrir y completar diferentes planos y aspectos del black ocultista. Un aporte a este compartido por parte de Thy Darkened Shade rico y variado dentro de un sonido black clásico que se sustenta en la parte más ocultista del estilo. (8,2).

1. Thy Darkened Shade - Murderer's Black Seed 02:13
SamaeLilith, from thee we are spawned The lineage of Qayin and Qalmana Has been born from Thy majesty And to thee we shall deliver ourselves Our black flames emanate from the tree of Daath Bottomless knowledge from acausal blazes We are the murderer`s seed, eternaly  
2. Thy Darkened Shade - Undead Lineage 06:44
Immortal death lord Sacred black flame liberator Grant me the gnosis and salvation To divulge the wyrd of this manifestation First born necromancer Predestined to assassinate thy brother Eternally I pledge to carry The scythes of thy holy bride O father Qayin, the path of immortality I request To navigate in the seas where all are blessed The higher self, Azoth`s crescence Spawned from thy fiery daemonic essence Underneath Malkuth`s shroud Slaves drink from Lethe`s rivers And I am adorned with thy marks To receive the wisdom of grave diggers Once neither moons nor suns where there to shine It is thy will that I am yearning Qayin Hallowed through thy sacred blood I hanker to reach the black sun For thee, I pray and I avenge With vehemence of Qalmana`s revenge Plague those who gasp at cosmic soil Bring forth their everlasting inferno Children of Qayin For Her I chant and dominate The seas of eons` prana to penetrate Forever I give my blood to Her Thus, my fire will raise the divine khem As the cosmic soil burns within the devil`s urn All shall dissolve to His regime, Passage to chaos, radiant light Children of Qayin Culmination reveals crucifier`s shrine And I will desecrate Abel`s bloodline Thy name is Qayin and I am thine
3. Thy Darkened Shade - Daathian Reveries and Gamaliel Revelations 07:14
 Winged mother celestial
I invoke thee for Samael`s awakening
Valiant force, conquering bereavement and disease
Sink us in thy Luciferian orifice

Denial of enslavement
Denial of submission
Eternally to descend as divinities
The omen to consume cosmic visions

Shadowgale, spider witch goddess
Fallen angel seducer, deathless succubus mistress
Thy unblemished flames will burn my heart
To eternity, for thy names are illimitable

Thy womb, a gateway
To infiltrate the mysteries of Jarnvidr
Chasms channeling Ginnungagap
Caverns of Angrboda`s sovereignty
The self shapeshifts to werewolf phantom

Through Daathian reveries
Awaiting Shekinah to be devoured
For Her ascension
Inflame thy serpent self

Gamaliel`s glorification
To obliterate harmony and creation
Reptilian prana communion
Sacred offerings to the black moon

Denial of enslavement
Denial of obedience
Perpetually to holiness ascension
Revelation to demolish the cosmic chains

Gullveig, envenom Yggdrasil`s roots
Unleash thy malicious seeds towards Ether
In mists and fogs come forth mother of Hel
As without, so within

Summon the forces
Of the feminine adversary

Hecate, Lilith, Kali, Ereshkigal
Naamah, Abnukta, Gullveig

Through Daathian reveries
Awaiting Shekinah to be devoured
Let the children of God sear themselves
In the light of Lucifer
4. Thy Darkened Shade - Return of the Ancient Ones 06:09
  Taninsam, your children
Are awed by your ancient names
Guide us into Qliphothic spheres
Bring us the wisdom of transformation
Isheth Zenunim, reveal our darkest desires
And awake us in the lucid dreams of Gamaliel
Bring forth the foresight of the astral sleep
And stab the cosmic illusion


Ama Lilith, give raise to dreadful nightmares
Transfer sickness to our enemies
Extinguish them all with your suicide command
And offer eternal reign
To the children of Qayin`s lineage

Salve Lilith!

O master Samael;
Father of Qayin and our bloodline
Venomous Satan of the garden of Eden
Open wide the mouth of hell
And manifest in front of us
Make us one with your eternal poisonous essence

Ominous companion of Lilith
Awakener of insanity, concealed knowledge giver
Poison us with thy malice and disclose our yearnings
We crave to unite thee with our holy mistress

Salve Samael!

Slant and torturous serpents
Possess our bodies
Possess our minds
Possess our thoughts

Arise from the tempest of chaos
Dragon of death immortal
Deliver the force of the void
And offer us thy acosmic gnosis

Let us become None and Everyone
Let us become Nothing and All

We breathe to discover the keys
And unlock the eleven gates
To progress towards
The supremacy of your dominion
Our black flames shall return
Into thy deep waters
And flood the cosmos
With thy oceanic omnipotence

Salve Leviathan!
Let your will be done!

Sanctus Sathanas
Sanctus Leviathan
Sancta Lilith
Sanctus Samael

Open the acausal gates
5. Amestigon - The Slant Serpent 07:44  
6. Amestigon - Maelstrom into the Lower Octave 03:59  
7. Amestigon - The Tortuous Serpent 12:40  
8. Inconcessus Lux Lucis - Phantoms from the Land of Nod 02:02   instrumental
9. Inconcessus Lux Lucis - The Osseous Gulf 06:23  
10. Inconcessus Lux Lucis - Sabbatical Thaumaturgy 03:50   instrumental
11. Inconcessus Lux Lucis - Liminal Terror (The Witch's Curse) 06:11  
12. Inconcessus Lux Lucis - Into Feral Fumes of Sanctification 02:12  
13. Shaarimoth - From the Gates of Death 05:50  
14. Shaarimoth - Flows the Blood of Retribution 09:09  
15. Shaarimoth - And Salvation Everlasting 11:37  

Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Mini-Album

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