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Origen: E.E.U.U., Lexington, Kentucky
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  • Shinigami Todos los instrumentos y voces
  • A Call to Arms Demo 2017
Cuatro temas contiene esta primera demo de la one man band estadounidense Vox Malorum. En ella se ofrecen en apenas veinte minutos un black metal de clara vertiente tradicional en la linea del black escandinavo de mediados de los años noventa, a lo que se le añadido cierta melodía gracias a la inclusión de teclados que no resultan cargantes, sino que se han acoplado bastante bien a los riffs y cumplen una función de melodía y aportan sensaciones de oscuridad y frialdad; incluso hay cabida en la propuesta por algunas influencias death en algunas partes de voces y melodías. El conjunto suena bastante compacto, a destacar el buen hacer en las voces de Shinigami, sin excentricidades, pero cumpliendo correctamente en una faceta de black crudo con algunas dosis de brutalidad, los riffs son crudos y variados, el peso del bajo se deja sentir también en algunas secciones y tal vez la programación de la batería sea en algún lugar un aspecto mejorable, pero en líneas generales también cumple. Sin lugar a dudas esta demo presenta un repertorio bastante acorde con el black de mediados de los noventa y deja la puerta abierta a la llegada de futuras obras de calidad. (8,4).

1. The Beginning ov the End 04:46
In darkness, I illuminate. Now descending through the astral plane. This silver thread is guidance from a journey ov enlightenment. Glimpsing the sphere, glowing and covered in shimmering lines extending to others. My body within, tainted by morbid intent and transformed with the head ov a serpent. My eyes slowly open. The inner beast has been awoken. Death begets only death. The mortal circle ov pain is endless. Poisoned by empathy, ripe with confusion, they're spreading their filth as my hatred ov humans devours my heart, yearning for violent extinction ov all as She bathes in the silence. Deny their insanity. I turn my back on humanity. I have seen enough. Now I need to go to the gods above and the gods below. 
2. Summoning the Black Winds 04:53
Three days journey in the snow, climb up the mountain. High above, in the clouds, it is hidden. An altar fashioned out ov stone by the ancients. I am seeking that which is forbidden. Summoning the black winds. Possessing flesh and bone. Giving voice to darkness. Returning to the throne. Such clarity ov mind as the mighty gale burst forth from my lungs. All my hindrances replaced with perspective my rebirth has begun. Summoning the black winds. Possessing flesh and bone. Giving voice to darkness. Returning my throne. Summoning the black winds. Speaking through my tongue. Summoning the black winds. The voice ov evil comes.
3. A Call to Arms 04:38
This is a call to arms. We've readied the horses. Sharpened the swords. Through cover ov nightfall we're riding to war. The journey is quiet. Teeth fully clenched. Nothing is loud as the aura surrounding these men. Riding to dawn, we will finally have our revenge. Flashes ov men bearing crosses and swords at their side, bathed in blood of the pagans unwilling to change for a lie. Our families' homes set ablaze in the name ov the christ. On the graves ov the fallen, I swear they will pay for their crimes. This is a call to arms. Approaching at first light. The sun rises slow. Announcing our silent arrival with omens in tow. When they look to the heavens, a sky painted red. I give one final thought to the ones that they sent to their death. I won't be sated til all ov their blood has been shed. Flashes ov steel burning cold in the dead of the night, contrasting the heat from the flames as they lit up the sky. It was then that we all understood the true sacrifice. Not the blood ov the lamb, but the blood ov our whole way of life. This is a call to arms. 
4. Gaia's Disease, Humanity 05:42
 Spreading like a virus undeterred. Unaware ov the damage as the skies are burning. O, the cancer ov the world. And we are the cure. Patience has ceased. Misanthropy feeds on the thoughts ov deities across the ages. Gaia's disease, humanity reeks. Decomposing mentally, we should erase them. Human existence is a plague. We've long dreamed of extermination. Seeing their expressions ov pain as they beg to be saved. Chaos is king. Destroyer ov the weak. They can die with their beliefs, it doesn't faze us. Gaia's disease, humanity reeks. Decomposing mentally, we should erase them. Famine and pestilence for all ov the petulant mortals whose life is spent ignoring the truth. Whispers from shadows encourage the cattle to fight holy battles. Need only influence a few. Let's put their faith to good use. We'll show you just what they can do. Patience has ceased. Misanthropy feeds on the thoughts of deities across the ages. Gaia's disease, humanity reeks. Decomposing mentally, we should erase them.

Canada's traditional Black Metal force MEGIDDO returns from exile with a brandnew album.

Expect nothig but epic, pure Black Metal in the band's typical style, incl. the raw, unique and grim vocals of Chorazaim.

For fans of old BATHORY, SODOM, DESTRÖYER 666, etc



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