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1. Shadowgrave was created in February 2012 and during this time you have not stopped to edit band’s new material, how were the beginnings of the band and why did you decide to form Shadowgrave? How have influenced the various changes it has undergone training in Shadowgrave this time in the band's sound ?

Tiago - Well, the beginning of the band was quite "jumpy". Me, Bernardo and Jorge kept looking for guitar players that would like to join our project and continue with us through a "lifelong" project, so to speak. Our first guitar player, Francisco, helped to had a lot of black metal to our Doom exclusive beginnings. Gustavo and Guilherme didn't imply a major change with our sound but were with us while the band was still trying to find it's confort zone.

2. Shadowgrave 's music moves between the heaviness of doom , the extreme darkness of black and all this is added an extra melancholy about incorporating keyboards successful , what are your main musical influences? What do you intend to convey with your music?

T - We have a lot of influences, starting with fellow portuguese musicians "Moonspell". If you asked this question to any of the other band members the reply would probably be all so different, but in my opinion the main influences, apart from the aforementioned Moonspell, are Draconian, My Dying Bride, Swallow the Sun, Cradle of Filth, Opeth, Mayhem, Burzum... And many more.

3. How was the process of writing and recording your last album "Demise of the Forgotten"? How your way of working, there is a leader or all contributing ideas?

T - Two different processes altogether. Most of the songs were written by me and Bernardo, with the input and acknowledgment of of Jorge. Our previous guitar player, Fábio, also has a writing credit on the album, as well as our studio keyboard player, Spyros. It was a long process simply because we didn't have the means to rehearse and get together when we wanted to. The recording process was almost 100% performed by me and Bernardo at his garage. Regarding the second part of the question, I don't think there is a leader, although me and Bernardo tend to guide the creating and recording process from the beginning.

4. Throughout this time , how do you think that sound has evolved from your Ep Sahdowgrave "The Aftermath " up to " Demise of the Forgotten " How would you describe today the band's sound to someone who has not I have heard?

T - It's night and day. The first EP was rushed, poorly recorded and mixed, which is entirely my fault, and doesn't showcase what the band has to offer. If you are to listen to both the EP and the LP you'll notice a huge difference in sound quality, musicianship and even ambience.

5. Are you satisfied with the impact achieved by Shadowgrave at this time? What do you expect of this "Demise of the Forgotten "?

T - We are never satisfied with what we have, but I must say I'm somewhat pleased. It's good to be in a band that has achieved so much in less than 2 years (4 official releases) and continues to create music for future works. I would expect this album to set the stepping stone for an ever so better future.

6. Reviewed aspect of the lyrics to “Demise of the Forgotten” , is there a conceptual story about the album? Did any way related to your old Ep? Where do you find the inspiration to write the lyrics?

T - Yes there is, and it's related to our old EP. See, every song since our first released, excluding Lake of the Dead EP, can be placed on the same story and universe. The idea was to include all songs on the album, so we could have 14, but obviously everything needed to be streamlined to fit no more than 60 minutes and thus some of the songs ended up un re-recorded. There is also one song, "15", that never went past demo stage. Regarding the second question, even though the lyrics are very "medieval" the story takes a lot of inspiration on our current world and humanity status. The album talks about evil, the fall of an empire and humans as slaves/fallen heroes, so you can see were that relates to nowadays.

7. Your debut live band was the November 2, 2012 at the festival "Gaia em Peso" , how was this first experience in a concert ? Still interested to continue giving concerts? How is your stereo unlike in the concerts, which you use in the room to record?

T - It was fantastic, very good support for an unknown band and a much pleasing experience. We are still interested in playing live and hope to resume our activity in 2014. The material used to record is pretty much the same used for a live setting, apart from probably the bass amp and drums.

8. In 2012 you released a split with Fog, Greg Wales project, How did the idea for this collaboration? If you are ready to continue making splits with other bands, and if so to what group you want to do a split?

T - I had the idea to contact Fog and Silence the Earth to create the split. It was just like "Hey guys, lets create a split EP" and sooner than later everything was done. We are looking into participating in another split before the end of 2014, but some other projects maybe showing up first.

9. Bernardo and Jorge have been members or still belong to other bands from Portugal. From out the most famous Portuguese bands are undoubtedly Moonspell or Decayed,  what other Portuguese groups deserve your respect and should be more recognized ?

T - Let me do the PR work and say that Pestifer, Jorge's band, is fantastic. I would also love to leave here a note Ermo, a "psycho rock ballady atmospheric" thing from some friends of mine that sounds very very good. They are enjoying some success at the moment and I wish them all the best.

10. Your work has always been self-produced except Ep “Lake of the Dead" I edit No Remorse Records, will follow in the future? Opting for autoedition? Has a record label interested by your last job?

T - Self produced and released, apart from that strange experience that actually worked. We are looking for a recording/shipping label at the moment and have been for the past year. it's quite sad that a recording label showed some interest on our album but unfortunately nothing came from it.

11. Who designed the cover of "Demise of the Forgotten" and how it relates to the content of the cd?

T - The album art was designed by João Guimarães, a friend of mine, and relates a lot to the lyrical contents of the CD. Since our first songs, specially The Last Empire, mention the fall of an empire and describe what's going on, to the point of stating that "the emperor is dead", we thought it would be very fitting to have a nice horsemen of the apocalypse on the front cover. The picture was actually taken by me by coincidence.

12. What future plans do you have for the band, upcoming releases, concerts, etc?

T - I wouldn't like to reveal a lot of our future work, but I can say an album is definitely being worked on as we speak. It's still at a very "pre-demo" phase were we only have skeletons of about 5 or 6 songs, and most of them don't even have a proper multi instrument recording. Nevertheless, the direction, lyrical theme and overall sound are already being discussed and a consensus is about to be reach. In 2014 we'll focus on creating the album as well as releasing a something special for our 2nd birthday. 

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Shadowgrave , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking.

T - Thanks a lot for the interview and time spent with ourselves. For our followers: Please take sometime to listen to the album on bandcamp a purchase it if you enjoy, it's only 3€ for 10 songs

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