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Origen: E.E.U.U., Minneapolis

Formados: 2020

Estilo: Blackened death, thrash


Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook e instagram


  • Casey Harris Basjo
  • Drew Blood Voces
  • Taylor Haagensen Guitarra
  • Tom Tier Batería
  • Will Maravelas Guitarra y voces

  • Retribution Divine CD 2020
  • When the Sun Burns Red Single 2020  
  • Nazi Punks Fuck Off! Single 2021  
  • Human Erase CD 2021
Segundo larga duración para esta banda estadunidense que anteriormente se hacia llamar Coffinrot, bajo cuyo nombre también habían editado un álbum con un estilo más cercano al death. Este segundo trabajo es un álbum que ofrece por un lado una gran variedad de riffs que se pueden encuadrar dentro de estilos como el black o el thrash, con un gusto por la contundencia y la variedad. Si a esto unimos una batería potente de ritmos muchas veces explosivos y con la densidad perfecta entre la potencia de la misma al tiempo que se funde con los riffs, podemos entrever elementos que por un lado se nutren de estilos como el death, pero que la banda sin embargo ha llevado a terrenos más próximos al deathcore. Cualquier seguidor de las secciones más "clásicas" del deathcore podrá disfrutar al adentrase en secciones agresivas y potentes, en donde los riffs se van sucediendo sin apenas sosiego con un sinfín de cambios de ritmo en pos de crear una atmósfera podrida y densa. Las voces se emplean también a fondo si lo que buscamos en por una lado agresividad y contundencia, transitando por estilos como el death o el black sin perder un ápice de credibilidad. Desde luego que este no es un álbum de black al uso, muchas secciones se alejan de cualquier patrón establecido en estilos como el black y si me apauran incluso el death, sin embargo no hay que negar la intensidad y rabia que desprende este álbum. (8,4).

FTWNU2 Records

1. Buried in Blood 04:28
   Accosted on the road to Megiddo
The season's harvest barred by highwaymen
Cruelly bound in captive subjugation
Cut from ear to ear and left for dead

Dragged to an unmarked graveyard
Stripped down in the drowsing light
Relieved of the spoils of ill-made gain
Counted out in the starlit night
Dispersed, the greedful deed now done
Cowled shapes soon put to flight
Ride home to dispose of the evening's haul
Hid deep where the floorboards lie

Concealed in bitter darkness - their victim growing cold
as shadows gather in the mist
Submerged within the blood flow - no rest shall come this night
transformed to seek a bleak redress

Emerging from that graveyard into the wretched night
A wicked thirst will parch the lip
In hatred taking flight
To seek revenge

Caught in the draft of the whirlwind
Swept out an abounding tide
Borne on the breath of death
Sharp fangs grown long in the pale moonlight
Pursued, the scent of man-flesh
Closed in, the time drawn nigh
Torn down the ragged gates
Of a den of theft grown fat from strife

The specter drawing closer - its victims soon in sight
the men who robbed its flesh of life
Unleash the onslaught - upon harrowed minds
reduced to wretched slaves and slowly drained inside

Minds bound to the Master's will - spurred by a wrathful passion
urged to turn those they once held dear
Blood spilled on the killing field
Pyres lit by the mournful masses fires rage on the open plain
Razed to an ashen waste - purged from the consciousness
Souls converged, forced to serve as thralls in the deathly halls of night

Returning to that graveyard
A sallow rest commenced
Until the bloodlust calls them
To stalk the lonely night again
2. Cryogenic Awakening 05:23
 They climb the winding steppes to comb the frozen wasteland
In search of aged remains they root through the depths
A quest for knowledge of the past in bodies soon amassed
Exhumed the truth of form before man

Peel back the mask of time, laid bare an ancient bloodline
With gleaming instruments they strip through the grime
A genus other than the ape, odd features taking shape
To be revealed before the light of day

Wicked claws for parting flesh
Jaws for tearing meat
Spines reclined in clumps of hair
Eyes of glowing green

Old science redefined, dead links divorced from mankind
New revelations made from deep in the mind
Logged down and shuttered in the deep its knowledge soon to reap
Now set aside preserved amongst its kind

Time passing by as the laborers toil there plying the deep
Sun sinking low in the distant horizon, retire now to sleep
Spent they return to the lamps of their campgrounds
to weather the night
Bent by exhaustion the freezer forgotten
Door left open wide

Thawed from the ice - storage device - endowed with foul odor
As temperatures rise - shedding their guise - the specimens molder
Swollen and ripe - bursting with life - cocoons quickly bloom there
Bristling with spines - shrouded in vines - the cursed emerge bare

Roused by an ancient power and raised with the dawning day
Drawn out to seize upon the hour, creep past the open graves
Massed by the grasslands to encircle the quaking prey
Claws drawn and ready to devour, charge toward the human ranks

Spurred by a hatred of that which has grown in place
Supplanted by upstart man, the last of a fallen race
Bent towards the rising they scour the rocky face
None left surviving last vestiges soon erased

Torn up and swallowed down in rage - a masticated fate
consumed with hate and passed as solid waste

None left alive - barren and wide - host of a ghost town
Gone with no trace - hiding that place - structures all torn down
Swarming the earth - fateful rebirth - an empire expanded
Rising like flame - soon to reclaim - the lands once abandoned
3. Killing Time and Space 05:30
The candle burnt low
Dim light upon my throne
The ancient seat of creation
Ascending its steps
I take my fate in hand
My soul ensconced in its cosmic depths

I reach into the ether
The ritual complete
Laid bare the wheels of power
Incorporeal release
To shed this earthly prison
A mortal form deceased
Conceived in an eruption
of astral planes unleashed

Coalesced I gather in the nexus
Slip into the captive streams of time
Prostrate to the hands of fate no longer - I rise

Drawn down where the spirit force abounds
Worming in through the skin
past the path of least resistance
Sunk deep like a seeping cancer creeps
Poison spread on the ebb of the rising tides of darkness
Storms break on the cresting swells of hate
Gaining force on a course
toward the heart of our existence
Souls joined in the absence of the void
To revolt in a shoal with the bringer of catharsis

Fists pound from the disembodied ground
On the walls of resolve in the face of great resistance
Halls shake the continuum decayed
Growing thin in the din of marauding luminescence
Lights flare lightning flashes in the air
As the souls of the dead make a break for liberation
Walls crack the akashic wards collapsed
To release from the deep the gestalt of all damnation

From death reborn now to die again
They strike a chord out before the end
A lamentation screamed into the void

Initiate total erasure
Creation come tumbling dow
Barren and vacant
It's silence enduring and proud
4. Heart of Darkness 05:01
I am the raging darkness Storming the shores of pain Smash through the walls of withering light Smiting the hand of fate Fled like the guttered candle Lost to declining time Left there alone to ply the unknown Hollowing out inside Slave to the endless morass Carried a fateful weight Fighting the urge to live in the past Grasping the ball and chain Strike out to find the answers Trodden a solemn path Searching to find the meaning inside Lost in the aftermath Obsession - Opression - Debasement deep inside Regression - Depression - Descend within the mind Fixation - Frustration - The id's desire repressed Stagnation - Deflation - The ego laid to rest Chasing shadows through the chamber halls where wicked thoughts conspire Trapped forever deep within the frozen grove beholden to desire Paying homage to the monolith that stands outside of time Sinking further in the darkened depths where maddened plans retire Rise up and fight the future - Bearing the sword of truth Cut through the ties that hold us behind Shedding the veils of youth Bring forth the final chapter - Destiny realized Freeing the soul to master control Watch the phoenix rise Seek for the eternal spark Push through the aching dark Caught in the winds of change Drawn through the meandering maze But the power of a guiding light will shine within its breadth Breaking down the boundaries built of woe ascending from the depths And the specter of the hourglass shall fade into the sands As the ancient flame of heart's desire rises once again   
5. The Night Speaks 01:44   instrumental
6. Mask of Sanity 05:13
 Shoved back and forced to bide it's time
Swallowed like caustic bile
To slowly grow in aching formless rage
Buried deep down inside

Pressure rising up in the subconscious
Claws of pain degrading the mind
Slow descent begets the infection
Lust for death compartmentalized
Condemned to living torment
Consumed by portents looming high
Inching towards a precipice
The theft of human life

Falling further into the empty void of nothingness
Sinking deeper into the sea
Desperate measures to stay the siren call of death's caress
Dreams of murder, black fantasies

Gearing up and stalking his victims
Plans of wrath prepared in his mind
Creeping close to snare the unwatchful
See the flash of fear in the eyes
Sadistic subjugation
Consigned in bondage most malign
Splayed before the instruments
Brought forth the living shrine

Desecration upon a twisted mess of ruined flesh
Guided towards a last agony
Mutilation to stock the grisly gist of unmarked graves
Losing control in ecstasy

Set free from the final inhibitions
Fell need for more deadly requisitions
Rushed race to the busy marketplace
Soon to die, sick goodbye,
armed and ready for the last high
Unleashed for a random spree of bloodshed
Cascade in a salty spray that runs red
Dead stares, bullets flying through the air
Sirens blare in the night victims
fleeing from the searchlights

Cornered by the swarming arms of the law
Riddled with bullets the body withdrawn
Bitter verdict served for the sins of the son
Evil tempest ended futile madness undone
7. Last Nail in the Coffin 04:33
One night a fancy took me a strollin' through the dark No pressing destination I wandered in the park Air thick with premonitions a blood moon in the sky Struck by a sudden palsy my motor control fried Body afflicted limbs constricted like a board Loss of sensation while I lay there on the floor Unresponsive to the calls of passers by Overpowered with no outward signs of life Swarmed by the paramedics and lifted off the ground Checked for a vital sign but the pulse cannot be found No family left to contact, no next of kin to call Tagged with a random number and logged within the sprawl Dragged to a pauper's grave in the vacant ground on the edge of town Confined in a box of pine and sent beneath with a lack of fanfare Down low in the catacombs the nameless ranks of the coffins rot Entombed in a crowded room the caskets rust as they gather dust Slowly awakened as the aching hours passed Trapped there in starkness with the darkness and the rats Thoughts were muddled as I struggled to break free Bursting outward I slid downward from the heap Led back on the narrow path I lost my way in the winding passage Lured by a beguiling light my eyes beheld a riot of violence A feast on human meat by the living dead of the vacant caskets Chased from that offending place and I barely escaped there to tell my tale Forever haunting my memories The graveyard still stands Its tenements darkly inviting Awaiting my end  
8. Season of the Bone Harvest 03:25
Ill omens at the changing of the season Portended by a stillness in the air Scene set for a grisly procurement Frail roses consoling the dead Drawn close to the dregs of usurpation The resource of a sordid enquiry Proscribed for an unholy science A supply for the tithe of his needs Night falls on the quavering graveyard Fell assets amassed The buildings blocks of creation Shaped by the architect of death Borne back to his morbid laboratory Overloaded by a burden of the beast Met there by a thronging of nightmares Flesh servants preserved in the deep Take hold of the boldly gathered cargo Tables prepped with a disinfected sheen Flesh bent to the will of the tyrant New life realized by machines Divergent components assembled, refined and combined His myriad of donors contorted and imbued with life The thunder claps as lightning strikes Called down to the grounding spike Its currents coursing through their minds As patchwork bodies slowly rise Rise! A triumph of the flesh - wakened from the final rest Minds subsumed into the hive - forced to serve in second life A migration of the dead - funneled down with plodding step No emotion on the face - led beneath to take their place Time passes in the gateway to damnation The supplies of the tyrant growing lean Unrest as the harvest approaches Ranks gathered amassed for the dead Met again by a boldly gathered cargo Tables prepped for the freshest inductees Flesh formed by the hands of the Master Given purpose in serving his needs The hordes of his evil increasing, the infection spread The ranks of debased never-ending Bound to the Master of the flesh  
9. Beginning of the End 02:15   instrumental
10. Human Erase 07:45
  As autumn falls they gather in the dead of night
A coven strong; the circle closed to raise their blight
The shadows long as daylight dawns within that green
As spirits mass a spell soon cast to reap

The drawing of the sigils - The sacrificial tithe
An end of men unleashed to rise
They speak the words of power - The ritual complete
Set free the death of life released

The veil is torn; the ragged forms erupt with light
A jagged beam of aching force into the sky
The seismic shift of ancient glyphs now brought to pass
As fate foretold they now behold at last

The world begins to tremble - Caught by untimely frost
A mist adrift upon the air - The clouds obscure the skyline
Denied both heat and light - The earth awash in weary fright

In fields becoming barren - Their wildlife put to flight
Infernos burn the edge of sight - Betrayed by dying science
Societies collapse - Dispersed the curse of nature's wrath

Death's scent on the wind - Only the rotten grin

Spread in a burning passion its rampant diseases reign
Dregs of the microbe awakened to purge from the lame
Mewling with pustules and roiling with boils
The luckless awaiting for the end of this mortal coil
Cracks from the fault lines forming - the apertures yawning wide
Tides of the bloodshed presiding the end of all life
Drawn to the bottom the weighted cascade
Under the surface deserted the bodies decay

Enter the burning gates - Face the despoiling fate
Therein a sentenced passed - Revenge recast

Receiving the judgement mankind stands
Forced to serve the earth they razed
Bade by the dictates of ancient gods
Souls constrained within the dirt

Essences cruelly twisted the formless reborn
Bound to the ascending green
Harvested life force planted in gathering seeds
Fuel for their residing life

Captured in living torment
Thoughts deserted in agony
Slowly siphoned of dying life force
Souls converted to newfound trees

Shoots rising to the sky - Climbing the soaring heights
Vines knot across the earth - Verdure's rebirth

The forests stretch on unbroken for miles and miles
A planet lacking influence of humankind
The creeping spread of flowerbeds beneath the trees
A monument unto the dead beneath

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.

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