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Origen: Suecia, Estocolmo

Formados: 2000

Estilo: Black

Temática: Brujería, culto a la muerte, maldad, ocultismo y satanismo

Enlaces: DeezerfacebookOndskapt y spotify


  • Acerbus Guitarras y voces
  • Daemonum Subeunt Batería
  •  J.Megiddo Guitarra

  • Slave Under His Immortal Will EP 2001
  • Draco Sit Mihi Dux CD 2003
  • Dödens evangelium CD 2005
  • Arisen from the Ashes CD 2010
  • Grimoire Ordo Devus CD 2020
Regreso después de casi diez años de silencio para esta veterana banda sueca cuya andadura comenzó hace más de veinte años, entregando a lo largo de su trayectoria un buen puñado de álbumes aunque faltos de la cierta regularidad. Este "Grimoire Ordo Devus" es un oscuro, denso y extenso álbum de black metal que por sonido recuerda al black sueco más clásico. No es ningún misterio que Ondskapt se sitúa en una posición intermedia entre bandas como Watain, por la contundencia y ritualismo de su música, Funeral Mista por el deje entre lo blasfemo y experimental de su sonido o Shining en cuanto a que su sonido aunque se hunde en el pasado es capaz de ofrecer elementos más cercanos a otros estilos dentro del metal. Este trabajo resuena de manera muy potente y lograda, todo el trabajo rezuma un ambiente enfermizo gracias a la ambientación entre satanista y ocultista. Sonido directo muchas veces con un aporte extra de Daemonum Subeunt a la batería aportando una contundencia a las composiciones que no admiten discusión. El entretejido de guitarras y lo cambios de ritmo son una constante, transitando entre los ritmos mas directos y viscerales, que por momentos parece que se vana adentrar en lo melódico, a otros mucho más contemplativos en donde se nos ofrece una black que emana sensaciones mucho más ocultistas añadiendo un plano inquietante a toda la propuesta. Las voces se entregan en una suerte de violentos rugidos, sin una presencia predominante algunas veces y con algunos arreglos en forma de segundas voces que añaden una cierta pausa en medio de tanta intensidad. Sin lugar a dudas otro acertado trabajo de los suecos, que sin arriesgar mucho han regresado con fuerza. (7,9).

1. Prelude 02:25  
2. Semita Sinistram 06:29
Ancient holy men whispered From the vast tombs of time Opening a great works Where seen can make humans into gods Seen as a white flash of light Under a nights eternal hours Countless entwined divinities Cast a light unto a path Of unimaginable nefarious tasks Codes in numbers will appear As you will the doctrine within Spiritual levels of higher perception Guiding ill-will and death Alleviating all memory of a mundane LIFE Kindled in his grip O angeli Gloriso supradicti estote lucifer! Sinister enlightenment Gives an unnatural ability As metaphysical law are altered An uncanny ability to do more For the will of the other way Blessed be the crooked nail Waiting to be driven into flesh Semita sinistram Blackened into parchment Its venom flows Through the scripts of old The will of the semita sinistram Now eternal From the bottomless well it flows   
3. Ascension 06:19
 Beyond shrieking chakras
The streams of pure radiance
Rupture the grotesque womb
For the Devil to enter
Through deathly centurion waves
Lifting an agonized spine
Shrieking and speaking in tongues...
A lurid mist reveals what it sees
Into and unto thee!

To bare the gift of malice within
I stand before death for it is his guiding star
Drawn towards your awareness
As your law becomes your infinite prophecy
A privileged lesson in divinity

To become inhuman you must die inside
To become ascension let the eternal flame rise!
Dissolving now through the ages of time

Born to be a temple of death's design
Thus dedicated to unbound origins aligned!
Serpents divine!

Fallen now under the shadows that cloak me
From all but profoundness
To find darkness, you must behold!
Only then will you truly know

Ascending to infinity, racing towards divinity
Risen are the horns of Lucifer
through my third eye...
Consumed by His holy light
Give the world light oh Lord,
give the world light! 
4. Devotum in Legione 05:23
 Devotum in legione
As dancing serpents unify them
Servants of a holy devotion
Unto the sword, scripts and of the soul

Enemies of the earth
Genderless and selfless
Wise chameleons among equals
Unto the temple

Noster est the devils commandments
Evils firmaments burn our souls
Chaining us unto thee and your will
Command us as devotees!

The devotees of Lucifer
Combined knowledge and wisdom
Under his ill will
The legions path is clear and the gates are open

Children of perversion
One with their cause
Woven into transcendence
Its holy ways show us where its guidelines shall rest
The one legion under the black mark of Lucifer
5. Animam Malum Daemonium 08:01
Of Babylonian descent this queen of demons Reign in the fires of the dead and the living Her touch burns the flesh to the bone As dying children worship her feat Demoness of the night Her lips are of honey and poison She is of the other half She is of treachery and power Earth divine of her powers The world being her domain Insight throughout eons of time All seeing, all knowing Goddess above demons A pious of demorality Goddess disguised as liberty Hidden in its necessity Poisonous at night The ancient queen divine Not of this world Her fathomless depths are archaic Unto no human measures Her desires will be fulfilled as She quenches the blood of the harlotan Called man Banished by all the living once Long ago, mother of demons Hindering birth of infants Wild and naked dancing on dead ground Laughing horridly in the night The ancient queen divine  
6. Opposites 05:20
  Oh god have thee mercy within me!
I shall befall unto your other self
now as thee banish me!

Oh great vision you rip apart the
Void between darkness and the light
Separated by the actions of sin
I enter the shadow realm
There I shall stay

Of divine opposites the true
Great wills of all mankind
Swept unto struggles being each others bane

Swelling in the attention now
looking to the clouds as the sky blackens
Seen as clear as can be,
open the great portals of perception
As the churning wheels of time
evolve the great divide

Come closer as you shall see clearer
Seek the fruit within as you absorb its nectar
Become the false and impure
Become one with the true opposite
Sitra Ahra
7. Paragon Belial 05:01  
  The path that leads forth blinds us
Malevolence drives its constitution
Oh lord your sermons are my words
As you guide my hand

Following your immortal will forever
Your bane eternal shall lead the way

Swept away by the teachings
of your words and mysterious ways
I can never go back
for there is no denial in my belief
There is only the Paragon Belial

As a spoke on a wheel
Your doctrine is my reality
As my own existence is a mere necessity

Your demons speak softly to me
As your paragon becomes law

Oh great dragon
I open the gates
Of Belial I evoke the
Unto the devil
I beseech thee my lord
Hymns of the chalice of blood
Grant me passage forth
Into your holy
8. Possession 07:24
  Possession In their despair they crawl into a vessel Bargaining with their souls at any cost Some of them lust for greed Some kill for love They seek the truth whilst none is found All asking for something never asking the cost Indebting their souls, now they are lost Unseeing worshippers of hell Possessed as demons guide the flesh The soul rots from the inside Man kindly laughs at death In the joys of bliss Disguised as free will Chained to the hands of lust Slave unto evil and the demons that lead the way forth Seeking truth from below and never above Demons speak softly into the ears of the weak As they are unconsciously raped and redeemed of all things Sick and weary Damned waiting for the everlasting fires Of hell to illuminate the soul eternally

9. Old and Hideous 04:41
Forged after death's design On the poisoned fruit it dines Whilst drinking the blood of mankind Gulping down all in its path The old and wretched human monolith Violates all natural laws as it is rotten to the core Moving in no practical manor Evolving into a detrimental Noxious scale of man Old and hideous is this grotesque mankind Infanticide of all the living, the ends justify the means Adrammelech moved his great will unto all children Emanations and the ashes of old bare your thoughts Consumed by the all of being Clandestine are the loamings in the cracks of a metaphysical self Seek within yourself and reality In for death as demons make love to shrieking Angels for all of the gods to see Truth remains in the great catacombs deep in the earth Moving in uncontrollable despair as man's heart turns to stone  
10. Excision 07:18
   Beckon beyond and afar there thee wanderer
As we preform excision of earthly existence
Harness the power and force of a greater will

Sweet pungent smells of human death
As a sickly stink plague the senses

A morose and ungodly journey
Where malignant elder demons may lead the way
Now left in the deepest of solitude
Lofty emanations caress the words of god
over the vast echoed plain

Banishing life to tare into a totalitarian heart
Cold as it all slips away bare
unto a state of trascendence
Give into death
as the soul shall enter abysmal depths

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