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Origen: Namrun, Turquia
Formados: 2007
Estilo: Ambient, black
Temática: Ascendencia
Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook y Yayla
  • Emir Toğrul Bajo, batería programada, guitarra, teclados y voces

  • Yayla Demo 2009  
  • Ruhizolasyon CD 2011  
  • Sathimasal CD 2012
  • Fear Through Eternity CD 2012  
  • Nihaihayat CD 2013
  • CD 2017
PAS.TO.RALE (2017)
Con una trayectoria más que extensa y con una carrera en claro proceso ascendente se nos presenta este nuevo álbum de la one man band turca Yayla. En origen concebido como un proyecto de ambient-black metal de sonidos oscuros, casi repetitivos y cierto regusto a metal industrial, su propuesta ha ido evolucionando hasta convertirse en un black metal ambient mucho más pulido y maduro en donde las estructuras de los temas están mucho más trabajadas. Para comprobar esta evolución clara en el sonido de la banda solo tenemos que escuchar el primer tema en donde confluyen unos buenos riffs de guitarras, un atmósfera oscura de la mano de un tema que se antoja variado, dejando atrás esas estructuras repetitivas y monótonas de pasadas ediciones. El sonido de guitarra ha cobrado mayor protagonismo y presencia de manera que los temas giran en torno a ellos en la mayoría de los casos. Las atmósferas oscuras y casi que épicas sigue estando presentes gracias a la inclusión de los teclados, sobre todo presentes en aquellas partes más ambientales, está vez también cobrando protagonismo en algunos temas instrumentales. El álbum transita por terrenos del black, el doom, el ambient e incluso el death, esto nos da una idea de lo variado del mismo, y es que Yayla ha sabido recoger todo lo bueno que ha venido cosechando durante todos estos años para crear su álbum más completo hasta la fecha que conjuga a la perfección esa parte oscura que roza la experimentación con su vertiente más black de ascendencia ambient. (8,2).

1. Altars in Temple Sewers 09:21
  I believe this is hell, that I will suffer even after I die eternally. 
I live it everyday, surrounded by sorrow bleeding in the eternal terror live in the erratic torture. 

Believe in uncertainty; worship the only constant of this cosmic sea. 

Again and again, failure will come in many shapes and forms, yet all will pierce the same holes. You will not even see fit to ask why and how you constantly need to fight to evade terror. They all worship this system in their temples, but you can only smell their excrement in altars in temple sewers. 

I believe in hell, that I will suffer after I die eternally. 
I live everyday, surrounded by sorrow bleeding in the eternal terror believing in the endlessness of erratic torture. 

Some believe in hope, I have got none to give or take. 
Some believe in beauty, even the best art is made by utter slime. 

I will end myself when I feel that its time, let this be my oath, but I am faithless… I believe in hell. 

The desert is nowhere to be found, when you're on mountains overlooking mountains. The disgust of beauty is what drove us to war, the industrial, the devil and the knowledge of the desert. The salted sea and all that lie in nightmares. 

Because we all believe in hell, that we will suffer forever.
2. Everyday Is Death for Us 04:54
…And the realization that it will never improve; 
That better is not in your hands but in your mind connected to a matrix of malicious minds is the immense realization that the body you're trapped in is what has been making everyday a torture. 
Chained to existence… 

As the false seeds grow, 
And obscuring lights glow. 
I see it is in the hand 
That these puppets form. 

The dark times have begun, 
Grasped to the dagger I run 
Derelict streets go high 
In the echoing teeth grind. 

The pissing rain fills my old towns borders 
The prophets licking newborn ghosts. 

Cancer mind 
My ended kind 
Once a gleam 
Despair that binds 

And the realization that it will never improve; 
That better is not in your hands but in your mind connected to a matrix of malicious minds… 
This feeling of being trapped in a futile prison is not a revelation but an acceptance of the only reality; 
That this existence owns you and death might not be enough to set you free. 
But you focus your life on it to see…
3. Pandora 04:58  
4. Funeral 05:39
 Castles were cruel inside, their beauty but a lie. 
I've felt as rotten as I felt before I was gone. 

Once I had a sister, she was always with me. 
I've left her before my journey, thinking I would find more of what she gave me. 
Then I returned to find her dead, 
And wander off again, not learning from my mistake. 
But I kept her corpse with me. 

Rotting she stayed by my side, until I couldn't carry her. 
At first I felt free, but then I understood the truth. 
That I was one of the ones, who killed her. 

She was with me to keep me alive, 
And I killed her by refusing to live, 

Now she is dead and I am dying without her. 
Why should I keep going without hope? 
I am nothing without her. 

The lesson to be learnt is that life is using me for its own ends, 
Throwing good people, things and moments my way to keep me alive. 
The death of my sister should be a lesson, 
Not to love anything and be fooled by life to go on.
5. Steadfast Chaos 05:40
 No there is never an exit in the minds of conscious prisoners, 
That death is an unknown and good things are illusions. 
Steadfast injustice opens the minds of the hypnotized. 
That is why we worship our rapists and rape every child we see. Evil will only lead to more evil. Until there is nothing left. 

We do not open fire on the world for something, 
We are as conscious as to say we want nothing. 
We don't care about family, values, love, and riches, 
We want to masturbate to the process of obliteration. 
Children should suffer more than we ever did, 
Differences should be amplified into hatred! 

Those who fight for an end make us laugh; 
We know that all energies combine into one thing. 
You all bow down to something, 
We have no allegiance to nothing. 
We have no family and friends and we laugh at animals dying, 
Masturbate to life forms suffering. 

A life is a power using you for its own ends, 
There is no escape… 
Stop following the light, 
It is only using you for its own ends…
6. Endless Regrets 05:14  
7. Mantras of Separation 05:07
These words are spells, That more we say the more chance of success; Success is death without life. The reason we sing about death is that we want to die, The more we say mantras we think we will someday. Life is torture for everyone trapped inside bodies that they did not choose, Yet we obey and find peace only to struggle to defend and lose it again. Fear of worse on one side, hope for better on the other, They ride on the stagnant line. These words will be your spell to end life, Keep saying them to yourself to free yourself from the prison of lies. Keep singing these songs, Mantras of separation! Separate your being from life… Rejoice, as you fail again and again; Your family dies suffering Get raped lose limbs and possessions Prosecuted, wrongfully treated Tortured, again and again. Rejoice in the suffering of lesser creatures Of those on moral high grounds killing us while the world applauds
8. Rats 06:26  
9. Pastorale 04:14
By your own hand, you will be lured into situations that you will not be able to perform what is needed for you to not blame yourself. Yes you will be lured again and blame yourself. To save those clods you will sacrifice yourself, And be viciously chewed by injustice incarnate, And blame yourself. After new failures you will not even ask, Why you were lured or why you weren't able to put up a fight. Fighting and being victorious is useless Against these unnecessary obstacles. Training yourself to be warrior who is victorious against these unjust and unnecessary enemies Is the affirmation of this disgusting life. So you just crawl back after defeat. But you just can't stop the inner voice, Shrieking “why were you lured again…” or why you weren't able to put up a fight? Even you can't leave yourself alone Against these unnecessary obstacles. A soldier for a war you don't understand.  
10. They Are Losing You from Me 05:10  

Limited black 12" Vinyl Insert, 1. Reinflame the Stake 2. Back to the Kult of the Tyrants 3. Nekrowhore 4. Sepulchral Desecration 5. Black Metal Holocaust 6. Ancient Rites 7. D-Beat Hammer 8. Wings of Blasphemy 9. Hail the Hordes of Eternal Death 10. Iron Hammer Sacrifice


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