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Origen: U.K. Ryde
Formados: 2013
Estilo: Black depresivo, funeral doom
Temática: Depresión y vacío
Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook
  • Joe Hawker Todo

  • Absolution|Emptiness Demo 2013  
  • They Became the Falling Ash CD 2015
  • Lanterns Single 2020

Segundo larga duración para esta one man band procedente del sur de Inglaterra, concretamente de la isla de Wight. Un álbum que transita por sonidos ambientales y oscuros, por momentos se acercan al depresivo, en otros van hacia la vacuidad el espacio pero siempre conservando una sensación de vacío, soledad y pesadumbre. El álbum lo conforman tres temas de que nos ofrecen casi sesenta minutos de música en la cual predomina un sonido denso y pesado de mano de unos riffs de guitarra repetitivos, amoldados con un buena capa de distorsión y sintetizadores que solo dejan en ciertos momentos apreciar alguna que otra melodía. En cuanto a la batería y las voces, la primeras son de ritmo constante, mientras que las distorsionadas voces se mueven más por un terreno de desesperación y sufrimiento. La calidad de la grabación no esta a la altura y acaba por ensombrecer el resultado final del álbum. (7,7).

1. Look upon the Light 24:02
Broken limbs bound to funeral pyres, torches lit, skyward Ceremonious light for the damned, the lord is now upon you In chains they dread the coming day, cast away from home Condemned with sins too great to atone, look now upon the light Blood-red hatred and fear light the night Broken limbs bound to funeral pyres, torches lit, skyward Ceremonious light for the damned, the lord is now upon you United in fear they cast them to the dark, the unknown beyond ourselves You are a warning to those who dare to transgress against their will As fear feeds greed they contemplate the worth of life A price paid in blood and fire to those with eyes to see them burn Boundless scornful hatred are the fires that blaze a storm of smoke Breathe me in and sing of justice as the innocents unfurl I can't escape the wrath of deities, I beheld his flames to watch my world burn Detestable, scorned, unbowed Unworthy of your perishing world I cannot live for want of dying I cannot see for embers block my view "My god is in your head His fire is in your blood This world is in his hands You are beyond repent" Look now upon your final season, the grey canvas of snow and frost Look now upon the light, your vessel into the dark Dare I seek guidance as I pass through Dare I seek reprieve, dare I live And the stars will fall, burned grey, floating down Distant lights begin to fade from view The incense of flesh is the scent of the church   
2. Desperation Hymn 10:21
Kingdom never comes, your will is never done May sulphur blacken your wicked lungs, breath deeply I'll drown your earth in brimstone Spread wide the engulfing abyss wreathed in embers Desperation means little if I've nothing to bereave I fearlessly stand in the wrath of majesty Come the flood of fire, break the skin asunder Break me free of earthly chains, cast no judgement of virtue Without guilt or remorse, bring me purity, bring me resolve Come the flood of fire, break the skin asunder Dim the light of day, come the flood of fire Burn the sins away, bring the end of all Strip me bare of all I love and bring me pain Know what life means when all is lost The wind sings a solemn dirge for me alone Unsung in tongues, forgotten through the ages There's no salvation to be found in death's embrace, when the embers die I fade for nothing, burn for no one, burn for no one Bring the wind that carries me with the snow, onto hallowed ground Behold the stones that cradle the ashes cold, ashes cold, dead trees thy altar... 
3. Echoes in the Snow 25:19
 Oh lord, my botched and broken being knows no sanctity, I hasten my fall with every further descent 
My agony means nothing to you, yet I squander and crawl in your world, desperately clutching to light that isn't there 
Lost to this world is the vast primordial spirit, its icons shattered with time and replaced with the shadow of crosses and spires 
You laugh at my rejection of faith, you've no time to pity the damned, the destitute feel no longer your grace, unceremonious passing for those who cannot be grieved 
A lifeless husk that seeps through the cracks like the tears of the fallen 
May I re-join the damned who left this world as smolders at your stakes 
These bones are ashes enravled in flesh unfurled in the cleansing 
A shroud of silent grief cloaks the pyres, the screams of those beloved stoke the fires 

I'm not of this world, I'm the grey that surrounds thee 
I am the silence, an unrelenting stillness, free 

All is lost but these ashes remain, gracing the ground with their memory 
All is one but this world is a carcass, dressed with the dead and their woes 

The ash coats the world in its silence 
Beneath the ice lies its soul 
Its hatred never dies nor forgives them 
Misfortuned are those who are condemned 

They live again but as ghosts in the mist, watching the world as it burns 
Condemned to die and cast to the skies to then watch their homes wreathed in flame 

Blinded by splendor, seared by heat 
Wait no longer, march now in to the light 
They became the falling ash and snow 
Return to dust and embers in the soil 
Untold names in the snow 
Lifeless, bitter autumn leaves 
Sorrows echo on for many an age 
A silent hymn for the dead none can hear 

March now into the light...

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