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Origen: Chile, Arica

Formados: 2002

Estilo: Black

Temática: Cristianismo, filosofía, psicología y temas sociales

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  • Sergio Rivera Guitarra
  • Zvi Tacussis Todos los instrumentos y voces

  • 2003 Demo Demo 2003  
  • Demo #1 Demo 2003  
  • Macabre Demo 2003  
  • The Return CD 2013  
  • Goat Destruction CD 2019  
  • Morbid Temple Demo 2019  
  • Demo N°2 Demo 2019  
  • Pandemic Session Split 2020  
  • The Throne CD 2021
  • Under the Sign of Moon EP 2022
Este veterano combo chileno viene acelerando el ritmo en cuanto a lanzamientos de un tiempo a esta parte centrándose en ofrecer en esta ocasión un álbum de black metal con muchas influencias thrash, en una clara referencia a los orígenes el género. Ya la intro del álbum con "Under the Moonlight" presagia lo que podemos esperar a continuación, expectativas que se cumplen "Recursive Tyranny" en donde los afilados riffs de guitarra se suceden con una referencia e influencia en si mismos del thrhas más ochentero, mezclados con algunos rifffs explosivos y con una voces rasgadas que no renuncian a cierta pesadez y densidad. Describir este álbum como un álbum de black meal al uso se queda bastante corto, incluso si pensamos en el como un álbum del black de inspiración underground de los años ochenta con un equilibrio entre el thrash y el black. Y digo que se queda acorto por varias facetas, lo primero es que es un álbum de una gran musicalidad, repleto de acertados riffs que suena agresivos pero no rompen de todo en una suerte de crudeza o violencia, muchas estructuras del álbum también pueden tener una referencia clara a estilos como el heavy o el rock, todos ellos integrados de manera perfecta en el sonido del álbum, de manera equilibrada. logrando que le álbum logre ser rico en matices y con una gran musicalidad al mismo tiempo que se muestra lleno de detalles que hace que fluya estupendamente. El ritmo muchas veces no es muy alto, lo cual permite que el combo guitarra batería dibujen secciones que suenan a metal clásico, todo ello acompañado de unas voces con un tono rasposo, cazalloso por momentos también, integradas en un vertiente que se alía más con el thrash/black. En definitiva un álbum muy completo que no deja de sorprenden con una amplia retahíla de riffs de inspiración clásica dentro del thrash que van inundando el álbum de un sonido muy retro (7,7).

1. Under the Moonlight 01:26   instrumental
2. Recursive Tyranny 06:32
  Hidden in a high peak away from horror below
To the parade of demons in their ecstasy of lust
This feast of terror and gore is hidden in a paradox
Our nation decided to ignore it, embracing their doom

Looking down the embers burning the souls

Fire falls from heaven to earth
Burning the last vestiges of life
Bringing the last breath of hope
The path split in two

Look around and see your world
Consumed by the greed of many fools
Look around and see how rulers live
In a recursive tyranny

Synchronized mutual slavery
No one is free in the pit of lamentations

A chain reaction of power abuse
The tyrants are subdued by someone else

A domain controlled by another domain
A vicious circle of slavery and governance
Those who can see it have freedom itself
The rest lives in their inner darkness

Tyrant!! Your domain is rotten by your own doom!!
Pestilence is coming
Looking a place to host
Paradise denied
While is eating all the lies

Great prince of misery
The slaves acclaims
To still eating wasted dreams
No time ahead
Legions come to parade
No more chances
Fire burns the flesh and bones

Look around and see your world
Consumed by greed of many fools
Now resistance is a true rebellion against the...
Bunch of psychos
Against the pressure of trends
Against the absence of God
Against the recursive tyranny
3. Graveyard Dust 05:53
 I am in the middle of the graveyard
Among wandering souls
Walking under the faint moonlight
I am the only one who is awake?

Once we learn the truth
We'll never return to the idle grave
I spit the rotten ground
Looking at the great parade of pain

Nothing can stop before the flame of a living word
Sharper than any sword

Penetrates even to dividing spirit and the soul
Inflamed to see the darkest of the heart
The deepest of the soul
The sacred and the obscure

Great mystery
I bleed smiling on the tombs of dreams

I took my heart
Burning my soul
I knelt down to Him
Even though I was dead

I woke up from eternal sleep
Droving the crows away
Throwing all the scum
I will never come back to muck

Nothing can stop before the flame of a living word
Sharper than any sword

Cleaning my boots from the dust of the dead
I spit that ground with pride
I walk in peace towards a new path
Without looking back, cuz' I know they are dead
4. My Skull 04:24
   In this moment I reject the limits of community
They brings morbidity in their vision of sanctity

All right, you get more impulse
To cast your fears on my skull
All right, you spit all on the air
The hate, the violence from your words

Let's see that ravishing perfection
According the norms of your limited reality

More they talk less I care, all the success they preach
And the threats against all the emerging dissenters
We are called to reach the poor, the suffer, the oppressed
But the hate they stand for, enlarge dissension

All right, you get more impulse
To be the pillar of virtue

All right, you get more impulse
To cast your fears on my skull
All right, you spit all on the air
The hate, the violence from your words
Now you get more impulse
To be the self-proclaimed pillar of virtue
5. Embrace the Dead (Part 1) 05:10
Once, I was dead enslaved to pain Until His word came into my heart He came walking between the skulls He raised in grace, embracing the dead Cold was my heart, embracing the void Dark into my eyes, was hard to know The contour dissolves, everything fells Our time is near, how it will end? I feel my time has come in a ravishing renew He let His kingdom come, here with us In a perfect time Breaking the roots of anguish Recovering my soul Leaving the dungeon of spirits With a perfect love Now I know how your heart speaks Always knocking the darkest fields Holding my heart, now I can rest In pieces I was, now complete I am I let the fire burn the past I let the fire clean my soul 
6. Falling into Abjection 06:18
Many times you were warned
About the risk under your shadows
And the resistance to listen and know
Buried your perfect image
Buried your perfect soul

Tenacious downfall

Now the time is broken
While the pieces are scattered on the ground
Wordless in an entirely destroyed place
In a continuum of slavery and pain

It's so repulsive to see such a rueful image
I remember you in your glory days and now so abject

So abject and lost in misery

You can enjoy the product of your obstinacy
Licking the floor of the ones you chose to adore

Many times you were warned
That God is not the one that many churches preach
And this life is just a sketch of something else
Without resistance to listen and know
You could live a perfect love

In the Eternal Throne with all of us
7. Claws of Doom 04:49  
When the night possesses the beasts
They are coming for our souls, for our screams

The ritual sets the candles and blood, but…
It's different from how they told us
Demons and beasts dance upon deceased
And the claws of doom awaits

In hell!
An everlasting pain!

Darkness around, immaterial world
From the other side, dimension of soul
Death is a passway to everlasting
To heaven or doomed in hell's fire

Rejecting light, blinded by pride
The claws of doom will tear apart
In hell, the inner darkest pain
Heaven denied and lights down

Into the pit!
Of desperate souls
Is hell!
An eternal oblivion!

Darkness around, immaterial world
From the other side, dimension of soul
Death is a passway to everlasting
To heaven or doomed in hell's fire
8. Ephemeral Existence 05:44
   The experiences of living
The becoming of opposite roles, life is ephemeral
Everything is banality, vanity itself
From dust we come and to dust we go

A light in darkness showed me a new path
A new way to resist
In a horrible, rotten and doomed world
A new way of living, in dialectic thoughts

We are thrown into the world in anguish
Creator and Father, architect of life
And he aware us from the dream of the eternal fall

My soul is filled with new senses
The opposite is now complete
Integration of two poles
I can see through the obscure
The light stayed by my side

This inner experience
The renew of my whole Self, with certainty is all I know
Now the old path shows a new perspective
My sight, the travel of this life, is all I am

The opposite is now complete
Integration of two poles
I can see through the obscure
The light stayed by my side
9. The Throne Is No Longer Dark 05:18
And the fool play in the dark with raw Sitting on his corner Filling the body with the grimness and bleakness Like a foolish puppet A heart deadly and rotten Full of angry Beneath the lonely moonlight The perfect irony Denying the way of light Closing all doors Of the mind, to the truth Rejecting salvation Into the misery Living in darkness And crying why everything is so black Staying in abjection Eating from his own trash Sitting with his pseudo-glory Putting a crown over his grandiosity Is vanity! A fantasy… Of a solemn lie pursued in dreams The throne is no longer dark In a human sacrifice the veil split in two, all was revealed The darkness of this world dissipated, the seals opened Now we can see a throne without darkness, without murk Now we can see a truth without seals  
10. Embrace the Dead (Part 2) 01:51
  Dead was my path, lost in torment
Now I live by His mercy and grace
Dead was my spirit in full of darkness
Until He came embracing the dead

Edition of 100 copies.
The lyrical concept of "Frau Brinkmann" is based on the short story "Kammann und Soddemann", published in the german literature magazine "Abweg".

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