martes, 19 de diciembre de 2017


Origen: East Corrima, Australia
Formados: 2005-2017
Estilo: Black, funeral doom
Temática: Muerte y oscuridad
Enlaces: Bandcamp
  • Desolate Todos los instrumentos y voces

  • Drown in Solitude CD 2006
  • Emission Through Self Infliction Split 2007
  • Descent - MMXV Demo 2015  
  • Pallid Coffin Spirit Demo 2016  
  • Inertia of Dissonance (A Sermon in Finality) CD 2016  
  • Left Seething yet Unspoken & Veneration of Broken Worlds EP 2017
No nos engañemos, Ill Omen es la banda que más tiempo ha mantenido ocupado en los últimos años a Desolate y seguramente una de las principales razones que le han llevado a poner fin a este proyecto activo por unos doce años. "Inertia of Dissonance (A Sermon in Finality)" es su segundo álbum de estudio, seis temas que casi llegan a los cincuenta minutos de duración, con bastante de funeral doom y poco o casi nada de black. "Pallid Coffin Spirit" abre este trabajo, ritmos lento, tanto en las guitarras con a la batería, ponzoñosos y cadenciosos que se ven adornados con algunas voces oscuras en segundo plano de procedencia cavernosa. La estructura del álbum alterna temas instrumentales entre medias que aportan cierta claridad y cambian un tanto el ritmo del conjunto. La atmosféra desprende opresión, putrefacción, mucha oscuridad y hedor a muerte, acabando por ser casi que agobiante. La producción, aunque cuidada, logra sonar también bastante underground, acabando por añadir un componente de frialdad al conjunto. Ciertamente es una lástima que proyectos como este lleguen si fin, pero siempre nos quedará Ill Omen para seguir la pista de Desolate. (7,6).

1. Pallid Coffin Spirit 14:14
  Seething nothingness...
Unspeakable words choked and stretched within the veils of infinity
A whisper, adorned in horror and silenced beguile
Imprisoned by shards of broken light
Coil and pierce the murk of my heart
Fleeting abysmal void, scarlet souls astray in ravenous oblivion
Yet carried in the graceful arms of a thousand burning stars

Each word bound in unearthly, dissonant grace
Each soaring toll falls dreaded and virulent
All stained in the clasp of dreaded malign
And dancing in impenetrable cacophony

Cast upon the pale soil of the earth
Beneath pages of pale grey stone
Who lifts the sin of living?
There is only one god, only one true redeemer
And all men know his gift...
And life, exhales it's last breath - As the earth inhales all death...
2. Sermon - Threnody 01:45   instrumental
3. Whom Shepherd Seeds of Discord 10:52
  As bowed heads sway to dissonant hymns sung in suffering
An endless stream of hearts lain bare, for all to see, stripped of the weight of living. Sacrifice over disarray - Consume the equilibrium

A howling geist beckons,
Guiding the weighted journey into the unknown
Flames lick violent winds whom shepherd the seed of discord
"Breath deep the aethyr" - I inhale all your vanity, all your wickedness, your worthless fucking ego!
As my lungs fill with your burning lies stained in deceit
I am your sacrifice, your kingdom, your spiritual asshole
And nothing remains; but a husk ravaged by every utterance of word bled with poison. "Belief; The death of reason..." - A union of words consumed by your chains

A silence drew slowly as I swallow the crawling shadows of eternity
Buried, and buried again, deep beneath the shades of night
And with each and every fear intact... Relentless, I suffer you all...
4. Sermon - Dirge 01:55   instrumental
5. Dismal Veil of Nothingness 17:54
Entombed eyes glare back, upon gaunt faces in sullen death Doth thou seek absolution? Hath thou paid toll to an abyss? An existence in basalt ashen darkness, stern as shadow's embrace Bound to misery yet born in damnation, which hold reign above my heart? I feel death crawling yet I am already dead Death, shall not heal me... Drowning in familiar black seas where grief is my only guide Come, when shall the mistress claim? As tides swept like angels faded in pale grey Come great redeemer! Drown me in the blood of the earth! Fragments of further shattered dreams, sink like titanic stone Under frozen waters wailing in twisted agony Tides piercing, like a dagger felt time and time before The dismal veil of nothingness assails me Rend! Rend! Tear me through the unknown Sentence me remorseless Drowning, I could hear the haunting calls reverberate across the tides, but I'm left behind to wallow in blackness...  
6. Sermon - End 01:56   instrumental

180 g heavy black vinyl, limited to 500x copies + 12-page booklet!


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