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Nuevo larga duración para Viranesir, en esta ocasión siete nuevas canciones inspiradas nuevamente en la oscuridad y en la irreverencia. Como ya nos tiene acostumbrados Emil entrega un álbum en donde los sonidos de guitarra y bajo pasan prácticamente desapercibidos, cobrando un papel importante todo lo que tenga que ver con sonidos más electrónicos. Para la ocasión a teñido su música de más influencias pop de los años ochenta, más sonidos góticos, algo de death para otra vez lograr crear esa atmósfera totalmente cargada, insana, viciada, depresiva y sobre todo irreverente. Quien haya escuchado con anterioridad algún trabajo de Viranesir sabrá lo que puede encontrar en un álbum como este, el oyente se ve atrapado por ambientación lograda, una ambientación que logra sumergirte en una pesadilla, gracias a las registros vocales que van desde las agresividad, hasta los lamentos. Para la ocasión, bien es cierto, que se ha optado por una mayor presencia de elementos electrónicos y de sintetizadores, pero todo seguidor de Viranesir ya sabrá que son elementos más que necesarios para conseguir ese sonido tan particular y propio. (8).

1. Soul 04:12
 There are ways in which I choose to document my sadness.
One of them being my shaky hands,
There are ways, in which I lose my madness,
No one should trust his or her soul.
There are damp rooms inside the mind,
Which give way to utter darkness,
Which spreads to the body,
Which rather not be.
Black is the thinking.
Bleak is the shaking.
The roots of body lie in soul.
Why try experiment with it?
There are ways, in which I choose to limit my sadness,
One of them being this,
There are ways, in which I act out my madness,
Nothing should stand between you and your fear.
2. Pedophilic Torturer 04:10
  Those who are denied their childhoods, end up forever children. I am forever.
I am forever a child of uncertainty.
I am forever a child and if you dig deep enough, 
You will find this kid that is the basis of me. You can offend and hurt it easily, and if it had the chance it would skin you alive and bathe you in salt.
I am talented and think very deeply but who cares?
The only thing constant, relentless and deep thinking reward is the eventual understanding that you are no different than a pedophilic torturer.
Same as those sand niggers and all the disgusting people torturing each other in streets and public places.
Authoritarian in other realms through, like in the workplace and social mobsterism. In "acceptable" forms.
Everybody is such mobsters, it is impossible to live.
I quit Turkey to quit all the hideousness to Canada to escape all the hideousness to go back to Turkey and escaped all the hideousness to go to England and probably will do the same until my father's money runs out.
I don't know if I was well prepared for this world, I just really don't want to live or be a part of anything than a voice in these albums.
3. Escapeless 04:56  
Escape is an illusion.
Whenever you feel like escaping, it is the will to escape from this existence.
Whichever part of town, or country or the world you escape to is a temporary feeling of idealized death.
Existence is a prison, and yes I have seen the good days, I have seen amazing days… Life hasn't always been this way.
I refuse to feel good in this stupid world.
It is not mere depression like you petty bastards like to simplify it into, it is something else.
You bastards simplify everything, like when you say it is the fault of niggers, fault of muslims, fault of racists, fault of leftists, fault of white people, fault of multiculturalism, fault of "thinking too much".
Even best friends blow it off saying "oh just listen to some songs and wait it out".
Well, fuck you all.
Things are not that simple, yet you feel lazy to think effectively, just like you simplify the problems of us saying its depression. It ain't that simple.
They don't want to be involved, no matter how involved you become when you're presented with their problems.
I do not wish to be a part of this existence where you guys clockwork it into a nightmare.
It is this deep sense of disgust.
I don't want to die as well because death can be even shittier.
And I refuse to accept looking at the harder times to feel relatively good about the good | things in this world, and also I do not wish to devote any of my | energy into concentrating on the good things.
4. The Father in Me 03:45  
You think of success father,
I only think of happiness.
You think money will bring happiness,
I think happiness will bring success.
Success is money for you,
Respect is money for you.
Money is success for me.
Money is escapism.
An escapist success!
Fuck that!

Were you able to escape your parents?
They are dead but they are still alive for you.
Would you have divorced a second time if she was alive?
Would you even get married to an arab whore?

What if I died father?

Sometimes I do think that
You would make beautiful life lessons out of my shitty death
I want to shoot my mother, then shoot her corpse, then shoot on her corpse.
I actually don't want to do that, I just said it to get a reaction.
For now I think I finally I forgave you…
You make up your mind from a collection of what others say,
failure makes me cum in dreams of success...
And too much faith's been guiding me down the wrong path!
What wrong path? Which path is right anyway? Fooling yourself into ignorance? Fuck that…

An escapist success!
Were you able to escape your parents?
They are dead but they are still alive for you.
Would you have divorced a second time if she was alive?
Would you even get married to an arab whore?

What if I died father?
A hopeless son is what you willingly created.

You were never able to take any responsibility; hence you made me into a living corpse. I see the child in you, I see the father in me.
5. Sadness 04:42
Father I am a sad person.
I think you are a sad, without person.
Let me explain,
The Beginning Is Not The Beginning…
This is not a three part story,
You all disgust me.

A lifetime where I don't dream of another life...
Be happy about the things you are about to think of...

Lure your wretched kind into the elk;
Powerful exit in ego warzone!

I see a more extreme version of my lameness in you
How you are incapable gives me a boner,

I defecate on its culture!

Why can't more girls be as sexy?
My biggest regret is never making up a story about her…

Your Son Is A Disgusting Waste,
how should I enjoy your life?

I liked asking people about their work…
I no longer do.

A Lifetime Afraid Of Life
Alarm goes off
Wake Up The Sleeping Fly
6. Naphthalene 02:40  instrumental
7. Bourgeois Beleaguered II 13:26
 Then you will know that
You cement your weakness,
Although you are very young,
You know you will regret.

Your dreams are slowly fading away,
As you age.
Not because you can not reach them
But because you don't want to fight.

You've never seen rock bottom,
Because you've always been taken care of.
That is why they say,
You never worked hard.

But you think otherwise,
There is a fundamental difference…
You have never cared about success,
nor money.

How heavy it is to exist…
How heavy it is to be rich…
How heavy it is to be smart…
How heavy it is to be spiritual…

Why have you never existed before?
You could have used the experience.

I have never seen such a sorry soul…
I have never seen such a cold soul…

Late is the hour at which,
This tired man has returned home.
For his home is spoiled,
And his time away got him sick.

What will the poor man do,
He is open to manipulation.
And this shitty country,
Will just ruin him.

Will he run away once more?
Can he stand the sickness?
What will be left of his home?
When will the robbers strike again?

The only question left is,
Will his art save him?
That is his last chance,
For he has closed all other gates.

Black/Thrash Metal from Germany
Evil Spell / Undercover Records, 2015

12" black Vinyl (140g) 
on upgraded 300gsm w-w carton, coated paper with 5mm spine Cover
8 Page Booklet On 170gsm Paper


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