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Origen: Italia, Cagliari
Formados: 2006-2014
Estilo: Black
Temática: Misantropía, naturaleza y odio.
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Tras la publicación en 2010 de "From the Ashes of the Empire", Cold Empire estuvieron al borde de tirar la toalla, pero recientemente han vuelto a reformarse y parece que vuelven a la actividad. La formación lleva los suficientes años en el underground italiano y tienen la lección bien aprendida de que este no es un camino fácil. Su black se encuadra en el sonido oscuro y agresivo de la vieja escuela clásica escandinava, blast-beat atronador, gran presencia del bajo y una voz agresiva y rasgada, todo ellos con un resultado muy crudo enfatizado por un producción sucia. A pesar de que un primer momento se pueda pensar en Cold Empire como una banda muy agresiva y violenta, su música deja traslucir un gusto por la buena melodía, melodía que suena como trasfondo en la mayoría de los temas y que eleva tremendamente el resultado final dándonos una idea del buen hacer a las guitarras de Valker. Si en futuras ediciones de Cold Empire, según parece están trabajando en una nueva obra, cuidan algunos aspectos como puede ser el de la producción, estaremos hablando de una banda a tener muy en cuenta, hasta ese momento toca desgastar este "From the Ashes of the Empire". (8,6).

1. Wasteland 07:28
In the hills of nothingness, nothingness is stronger than our life what you think is loneliness, loneliness is deeper than our lives Cry, wind cry, in wasteland blood will be absorbed by sand Grass isn't more green, step by step I'll walk hereafter what this exactly mean? Time is running faster Die, we die in sadness an infinite sight till madness Intense cold assails me, mistral wind is freezing my skin The sun is dying in the sky, vanishing behind the horizon the light's escaping from my eyes, I see a pale vision I wait the night to see the stars, I don't hear my heart beating I am alone with my scars, I don't know if I'm still living Cry wind cry, crying in wasteland  
2. Nocturnal Sea 06:11
  On this sand among dark lights, my lonely walk is so slow
pallid sun falls from the sky, it disappears from my eyes

Horizon vanishing from view
Sea breeze of nocturnal waves
I feel all my cold emotions
I die embraced by the gloom

Water comes to me, soon it reaches my neck

Now I think about my life, I see my filthy soul
purified and paralysed I am bewitched this night
Horizon vanishing from view
Sea breeze of nocturnal waves
I feel all my cold emotions
I die embraced by the gloom

Open sea is everywhere, I am swallowed by force
the abyss calls my name, I drown forgotten by god

Tears, this sea is made by tears, tortured souls are crying everywhere
fears, this sea is made by fears, they are countless, so deep inside my mind
lies, this sea is made by lies, human being is as false as all the hopes
3. Toward the Eternal Silence 06:32
  I look the sky, darkness is filling my eyes 
I touch the rain, I walk around hiding my pain 
please don't try to look me into my inside 
leave me again, you are waiting in vain 

Alone in a crowd, a drop in the ocean 
alone with my thoughts, far from mankind 

I run through places with my cold cage 
I look out at this big empty space 
don't look around for me, I don't exist 
don't call my name, I have never had a name 

Crossing the impervious path 
the longest way in an endless day 
the serpents are crawling everywhere 
they are show me the way 

In the no man's land I am someone 
I have reached the point of no return 

I hold the rope tight in my hands 
there is only a dying tree in front of me 
the road disappears in the fog 
toward the eternal silence 

I will return from where I came 
as I was before, I will be again
4. Of Woods and Trees 05:36
Your charm petrifies me, your majesty is humiliating your strength annihilates me, your beauty now is mine Of woods and trees, I worship this vast landscape the cold hold me, like a rock in a mighty headland You can blind me with your brightness, you can trap me in your abysmal night you are the only, the immortal, the first-born, mother of all creatures In the heart of the forest I will find your throne my father died in my arms, I will bury him to your feet Grand tree I am in your presence, I put him down on your womb let him be part of your empire, feed yourself by my blood’s blood  
5. Storms will rise 05:42
Blackness all around my eyes, and I breathe the smell of darkness in the mist of the twilight, I feel the fear but I do not cry My beliefs....are falling down Loneliness be my own salvation, now I've found my darkest side I deny my previous thoughts, I erase them from my mind And what I hope to see it will arrive, through flames and fire my sacrifice the chains are broken my arms are free, I feel myself reborn, inhuman being I've lived in the past for years and years feeding my hate against the sky despising the sun and the light upon the earth, blessing the day that all will die feeding my hate against the sky blessing the day that all will die Night will come and silence then heavy storms will rise Blackness is around my eyes, and I breathe the smell of darkness in the mist of the twilight, I feel the fear but I do not cry and what I hope to see it will arrive, through flames and fire my sacrifice.   
6. Forest of Hate 06:28
  I listen to silence and silence listen to me

My thoughts are burning me from the inside
I don't feel emotions, I've a frosted mind 

Leaden skies petrify my eyes, I am stolen by the deepest cries

They name my soul with whispers, I follow them to the forest of hate

Where the cold is eternal and the hopes can die

I hate

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